Accepted Student Checklist


Welcome to the Frostburg State University family! We look forward to providing an atmosphere in which you will continue to excel academically. In anticipation of your arrival on campus, we have provided the following checklist to assure that your transition to the University is a smooth one. To complete the following forms you will need your

  • Student ID
  • Username
  • Password

Your Student ID was included in your acceptance letter. Click here for information on your FSU username and password.

The forms listed below will help you complete your enrollment at Frostburg State University. 

Complete ON-CAMPUS HOUSING Forms. (required)

Frostburg State University requires all full-time, first-year students to live in one of the 11 residence halls or the Edgewood Commons apartments. FSU has created this policy in an effort to promote improvement in student success and retention. This policy applies to all first-time FSU students with less than 13 accumulated college credits on the first day of classes for the fall or spring semester.

All full-time, first-year FSU students are required to complete one of two applications: our application to receive housing OR the application for exemption to the residency requirement. To reach either application, use this link. More information about this requirement can be found here.
Contact the Residence Life Office for traditional Residence Hall information or Edgewood Commons for apartment information.


These forms must be completed and provided to the University’s Brady Health Center by August 1st.

Online Medical History Form (required to access the Patient Portal)
Complete medical history form online as well as other forms on the Brady Health Patient Portal, once you have received your FSU user name and password.
Immunization Record (PDF; required)
Follow instructions at the top of the page.
Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form (PDF; required)
Complete and sign the Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form.
If you are under 18, a parent signature is required.
If you are over 18, you can complete this form on the Patient Portal.
Additional information required for any positive response (Follow-up Form for Positive TB Assessment)
Consent to Treat Minor Form (PDF; parent signature needed if student will be under 18 at date of first attendance)
  Review important Meningitis On Campus Information
Contact the Brady Health Center or call 301.687.4310 during normal business hours if you need assistance.


Disability Support Services (DSS) is a University-funded program, and its purpose is to facilitate equal academic opportunity and enhance functional learning for students with any type of disability. Completion and return of this form will assist in identifying any special needs you might have.

  Disability Support Services Form (Online)
  Disability Support Services Form (PDF)
Contact Disability Support Services if you need assistance.


Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded program designed to increase the likelihood of success of students who are first generation college students, whose families have limited financial resources, or who have physical or learning disabilities. Completion and return of this confidential form will assist in identifying any needs you might have.

  Student Support Services Form (Online)
  Student Support Services Form (PDF)
Contact Student Support Services if you need assistance.


  Family Information Form (PDF)
Contact the Office of University Advancement if you need assistance.

Office of Admissions
Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532
301 .687.4201
Fax: 301.687.7074

Frostburg actually wasn’t even on my radar until I visited it my junior year of high school and that day I fell in love with all this campus had to offer. I liked the smaller feel of the campus and class sizes which would give me a chance to get to know my professors and classmates on a more personal level. Plus I loved the scenery and weather that comes with the mountain environment.

Brian Rohrbaugh
Fine Arts