Exploration Tent

Saturday, Sept 17. FSU Upper Quad

Appalachian Punk Scene11 AM Community in the Appalachian Punk Scene

Come learn about the importance of community in the Appalachian Punk Scene. For decades, the Punk scene has thrived in the region and it’s currently growing in Mountain Maryland with the Savage Mountain Punk Festival. This session will feature members of the punk communities in western Maryland, Charleston, and Knoxville.


The Nature Conservancy12 PM Can We Use the Land to Restore the People?

Many agencies and organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, are investing in reforestation of old mine lands for habitat and climate benefits. But we often know very little about how past land use at these sites has impacted local communities or how reforestation might affect these same communities in the future. Join us for this interactive session, facilitated by local staff from The Nature Conservancy, to explore how we might design and implement reforestation projects to include benefits to local communities.

Traditional Medicinal Plants of Appalachia1 PM Traditional Medicinal Plants of Appalachia with The Nettle Patch Organic Herbs and Herbal Products

Traditional Medicinal Plants of Appalachia The Appalachian region is rich in botanical diversity and resources. The relationship of people and plants goes back to the beginning of time, and the history of this relationship in Appalachia is an important part of the heritage of our region. This workshop will include the history of medicinal plant use and folk medicine in Appalachia, discussion of several plants in detail and a demonstration of making infused herbal oils and tinctures. The session will end with a Native Plants Walk on campus.

bees.jpg2 PM How to Encourage pollinators?

You don’t have to be a beekeeper or own acres of land to give pollinators a helping hand. Come join in a discussion about becoming a bee ambassador wherever you live. Ben Cooper is a long-time beekeeper, mentor, and educator at Allegany College of Maryland for over ten years. He’s also an author, having published three books and is contributing writer to Guideposts.

Mt Hope, WV: Coal, Class and Color3 PM Mt Hope, WV: Coal, Class and Color

Come hear excerpts from Talking Across the Lines oral history productions made from 44 interviews on coal, class and color in Mt. Hope, WV. This collection focuses on reflections on the 1960s and ‘70s. Michael and Carrie perform in Europe and across the United States. As folklorist-musicians they weave songs and stories, evoking the times that really matter, time with family and friends, spiritual times, wrapped in a patchwork quilt of vivid imagery.

American Chestnut Foundation - Bringing Back the American Chestnut4 PM Bringing Back the American Chestnut

The Maryland Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation has been formed to support the efforts of the national organization to restore the American chestnut tree, identify and preserve American chestnut survivors in Maryland, and promote educational and scientific research efforts directed at restoring American chestnuts in Maryland.