FSU Appalachiam Festival Film Festival

Thursday, Sept. 14 | 7 PM

Finding Home Film by Sidney Beeman

Palace Theatre

Finding Home, by Frostburg State University Alumnus and Frostburg native, Sidney Beeman, follows the journey of a young Burmese immigrant, Cing Khek, and her family as they search for opportunities to build a new and better life in the conservative stronghold of West Virginia.

The film depicts the ethnic diversity of the Appalachian region, the economic forces causing people to migrate to this area, and the choices individuals make to stay within the region. At its core, the film empowers a diverse cast of Appalachian citizens to reclaim their own narrative in a region that is often dominated by stereotypes.

Filmaker Sidney Beeman with camera

Join us for a post-film discussion moderated by FSU Faculty

Artist Statement: My roots are Appalachian, in a small corner of western Maryland. I have been working in video storytelling for almost a decade, serving as editor, producer, and cinematographer on a variety of projects. Now, more than ever, I feel a profound need for stories that bridge the gaps between us and forge connections not only among ourselves but also with the very land we call home. As an Appalachian filmmaker, I have the privilege to offer a unique lens through which we can explore the diverse tapestry of this region, unveiling the triumphs, struggles, and rich cultural heritage that define our collective identity. I know that the stories I capture and bring to life have the ability to ignite empathy, understanding, and transformation. With every frame I shoot, every interview I conduct, I strive to illuminate the untold stories and amplify the voices to reclaim their own narrative in a region often dominated by stereotypes. The stories I choose to tell today hold the power to shape the world I envision for tomorrow—a world that celebrates the resilience, beauty, and untapped potential of Appalachia.

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