About Us


Brady Health Center's mission is to

  • enhance the educational process of students by modifying or removing health related barriers to learning
  • provide students with convenient, cost effective and quality health care services
  • promote lifelong patterns of health optimizing behavior
  • empower students to be self directed and well informed consumers of health care services    

Brady Health Center

Our staff understands your health needs and is committed to working with you as partners to keep you healthy and help you recover when you are sick. We consider you an important member of the health care team and welcome and take seriously your ideas, concerns and suggestions.

As a student at FSU, you have an excellent opportunity to learn how to maintain and improve your health and to use the health care system appropriately.

All students are strongly advised to complete the medical history on the Brady Health Center secure web portal, the Brady Connection patient portal.

Who Can Use the Brady Health Center

Brady Health Center offers medical services to full-time and part-time students residing on-campus or off-campus.


Brady Health Center is staffed with licensed and experienced providers who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of health problems common to college students.

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Inclement Weather & Closings

If FSU is closed due to inclement weather, the Brady Health Center is also closed.


Client Rights and Responsibilities

Client Satisfaction and Complaints

Periodic client satisfaction surveys are conducted. A Suggestion box available in the waiting room for comments and suggestions.

The Brady Health Center takes pride in our facility. In order to improve our services, we welcome feedback. Information received on the link below is confidential and will be initially reviewed by the Health Center Director. The Director then investigates the suggestion or complaint, makes recommendations, and notifies the Assistant VP of Student Affairs if indicated.

Web Form for suggestions/complaints

Patient Portal
    More about the Patient Portal

Note: If you are a new student, you will not have access to this portal until at least 48 hours after your acceptance fee has been paid and processed.