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Poetry Take Out

Poetry to go

Poetry Take Out is part anthology/part art project, and features five sets of five poems available at five different venues across the county:

Group 1: The Center for Creative Writing

It’s All in the Recipe File – Sherrie Chapelle
Jane Parker Doughnuts – Nance Van Winkle
The Sugar Thief – Ned Balbo
The Physics of Honey – Norene Cashen
Dried Fruit – Donald Illich

Group 2: Main Street Books

Song of Plenty – Kurt Brown
What We Ate – Virgil Suarez
Girl – Wayne Lockwood
Ode to Peanut Butter and Jelly – Joy Gaines-Friedler
Eating Out Without – Michele Battiste

Group 3: Allegany Arts Council

Home Brew – Amy Lemmon
Pineapple – Gerry LaFemina
Herod Antipasto – John. T. Trause
Sappho’s Grapefruit – Moira Egan
Lobster’s in the Attic –April Lindner

Group 4: Mountain City Traditional Arts

Porcini Weather – Marty Williams
Cannelloni – George Guida
Lately I Have Been Baking – Airek M. Beauchamp
Piece of my Heart – Susana Case
Feast – John Smolinski

Group 5: Fort Cumberland Emporium

Basilica – Ellen McGrath Smith
Djuna Tuna-Chickpea Salad – Joel Allegretti
Arabica Coffee Spill – Rachel Adams
The Banana and Jorge Luis Borges – Christian Rees
Every Year—Brit Washburn

Each set of five comes in a Chinese take out container, includes a fortune cookie, and costs $2.00.

Asian Garden

Bring your FSU ID and get 10% off orders over $10 and get 10% off takeout orders over $15.


Poetry to Go