Accommodation Request Procedures for Student Employees

The University has instituted a procedure for handling accommodation requests for student employees with disabilities. Student employees include:

  • Students who have been placed in hourly or part-time positions in different departments for a salary
  • Graduate assistants or recipients of international fellowships who receive a stipend for services
  • Residence hall advisors who receive room and board in exchange for performing their duties.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the University must provide a reasonable accommodation requested by a student employee to perform essential job duties, unless it would present an undue hardship to the University. The following procedure has been developed for handling accommodation requests:

The student employee obtains a Request for Accommodation Form from either the Financial Aid Office (undergraduate students) or the Graduate Admissions Office (graduate students).

  1. The student completes Section I of the form, describing his/her disability, the accommodation being requested, and how the accommodation will assist the individual in performing the essential duties of the position. The student then forwards the form to his/her supervisor for approval.

  2. The supervisor makes a recommendation regarding the accommodation under Section II of the request form. The request form is then forwarded to the ADA/504 Compliance Officer for review.

  3. The ADA/504 Compliance Officer reviews the request and recommends an appropriate accommodation. The ADA/504 Compliance Officer indicates his/her recommendation on the form and forwards the form to the appropriate Vice President for approval.

  4. The Vice President reviews the form to determine if funds are available to provide the requested accommodation. If the Vice President approves the accommodation, the form is returned to the ADA/504 Compliance Officer who notifies both the student and supervisor of the approval. If the Vice President because of budgetary constraints rejects the request, the Vice President notifies the ADA/504 Compliance Officer who then works with the supervisor and student to arrange an alternative accommodation.

  5. Once the Vice President has approved the final accommodation, the ADA/504 Compliance Officer offers the student the accommodation. If the student accepts the accommodation, he/she signs the acknowledgment on the request form. The form is then filed in the Office of the ADA/504 Compliance Officer.

    If a student rejects an accommodation offered by the University, he/she has the option of filing a grievance through the University's internal grievance procedure or through the appropriate federal/state agency.