A strong institutional identity requires clearly branded materials. Stationery is a key component in expressing the brand identity of the University. Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are often the first interaction between the University and our stakeholders. For this reason, it is very important that our stationery is consistent campuswide.


  • All FSU letterhead must be produced by Printing Services.
  • Setting up your own or your department's letterhead is not permitted.
  • Our letterhead is available in red and black ink or all black. There is no charge for printing either version.
  • To order letterhead, contact Printing Services at 301-687-4146 or submit a work order.
    • The following information is needed when ordering your letterhead:
      • The college, department or other unit name, address, phone, fax, office email address, and website (optional).
      • You may not list an individual's name or email address on the letterhead.
      • See a letterhead sample..
  • Any variations to this letterhead set up must be pre-approved through Creatives Services.


  • The logo appears in two colors in the upper left corner, with the college, school, department or unit name and address underneath the logo.See an envelope sample.
  • FSU Mail & Printing Services prints the official two-color and one-color envelopes. There is no charge for this printing.


Printing Services provides business cards for the University. Departments must cover the cost of business cards. Please provide account number to Printing Services when ordering. You will receive a proof, please review carefully. Individuals are responsible for the accuracy of all information on your cards. Cards are delivered through campus mail to your office. See a business card sample.

Please click here to submit a business card work request.

If questions, please contact:

Alexandra (Alec) Edwards
Printing Services