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FSU Tag Line

PACDEI Mission: The mission of the President’s Advisory Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is to promote harmonious human interaction that results in a campus community where we value and embrace our genders, our races/ethnicities, our languages, our sexual orientations, our ages, our faiths, our cultural and social class context, and our intellectual and physical abilities.


  1. Assist in efforts to create a welcoming and safe campus climate for students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Assist in efforts to recruit and retain a culturally rich population of students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Assist in efforts to promote mutual respect through the voicing of concerns in civil discourse.
  4. Encourage and support collaborative initiatives and activities.
  5. Assist in efforts to assure that university policies and procedures are congruent with the above goals.
  6. Utilize the principles and skill sets of National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) in fulfilling our mission.

Council Chair: Bill Mandicott

Work Group I

Objective: Exploring Student Focused Issues

Members: Robert Cooper, Otega Okurume, David Stern, Stephanie Billard, Nicole Houser, Katherine Dixon

Action Item:

  1. Conduct a series of focus groups with facilitation from the FSU-NCBI chapter, targeted to selected student constituency groups to seek feedback on their views of diversity-related issues to effectively inform PACDEI’s action plan for 2013-2014.

Work Group II

Objective: EBI Campus Climate Survey

Members: Beth Scarloss, Charee Grover, Rob Smith (ex officio)

Action Items:

  1. Generate exploratory reports and share supported findings from EBI Faculty/Staff Campus Climate Survey data with the Council; prepare end of year report to submit to President and Council.
  2. Interactively explore questions and data-based responses among the work groups using the EBI data set to inform work groups in developing and implementing action items for 2013-2014.
  3. Implement the EBI student-focused campus climate survey during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Work Group III

Objective: Create a safe and welcoming campus environment

Members: Jean-Marie Makang, Rhiannon Morgret

Action Items:

  1. Create a safe campus community by addressing issues of accessibility for people with disability or reduced mobility.  This action must be taken through a concerted effort and collaboration among members of PACDEI, DSS, and the ADA offices at FSU.
  2. Assist in creating a campus community that fosters diversity at different levels of campus life, including cultural diversity, as well as greater inclusion of all groups on campus.
  3. Create a welcoming campus environment by organizing a welcoming reception for new faculty and staff members in the Fall of 2014 and beyond.

Work Group IV

Objective: Supporting University efforts for the recruitment and retention of a culturally rich population of students, faculty, and staff.

Members: Shoshana Brassfield, Jen Cruz, Beth Hoffman, Terri Massie-Burrell, Brittany Bond, Michelle DeChalus

Action Items:

  1. Collaborate with Human Resources, Career Services, and other offices to develop and implement a Dual-Career Services program to support and assist the spouses and partners of FSU employees in finding local employment, including a new web page with a list of major local employers and resources, a statement of policies regarding dual hires, and contact information for designated staff and administrators who can provide job search assistance on and off campus.
  2. Engage in dialogue with Computing Services, the Technology Advisory Group (TAG), the Office of Residential Life, Lane Center, and other relevant academic departments in order to explore options for increasing the quality and availability, especially late at night and on weekend, of computer labs, computer stations, printer stations, and other technologies and study spaces, in order to support retention efforts for first generation and select underrepresented student populations who depend on these resources for a successful academic experience.

Work Group V

Objective: FSU-NCBI will serve as a vehicle to promote diversity education and training

Members: Robin Wynder

Action Item:

  1. Provide a variety of workshops and training sessions for organizations and classes including: Introduction to Higher Education (IHE) classes and the FSU EchoSTARS program.