Indian Ink Theatre Company

Mrs. Krishnan's Party

Saturday, March 2 at 7:30 PM
Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall | FSU Lane University Center

Mrs. Krishnan's Party Stage photo

Mrs. Krishnan's Party    Photo credit/Grabb for Image Excellence

“Whether it is assisting in the preparation of the food, handing out scarves and garlands, or helping to reinforce some little white lies to spare the feelings of the show’s two characters, participation is encouraged. Don’t worry though, none of the show’s audience participation is designed to make you uncomfortable.” (Vancouver Presents) 


An Exhilarating Party Abounding in Laughter, Music and Friendship

Indians throw crazy parties. Heard of Diwali? A million lamps floating on a river and fireworks to wake the dead. Heard of Holi? An explosion of color and joy and massive dry-cleaning bills.

How about Onam? No? It’s the harvest festival, and this one could be the craziest of them all!

We invite you to join us at Mrs. Krishnan’s dining table in the back room of Krishnan’s Dairy, where garlands decorate the ceiling, food simmers on the stove and strangers become friends. Come along with us for a joyful experience full of laughter, music, dancing and a hearty serving of vegetarian dahl prepared live during the performance.

Based in New Zealand, Indian Ink Theatre Company blends Western theatrical traditions with Eastern flavors to create intimate productions that remind audiences of the simple truths in life. Live music, heightened theatricality, humor, pathos and great storytelling are hallmarks of their work. The troupe’s international successes include tours throughout Australia, the United States, Singapore, Germany, India and the United Kingdom.

This is a show for all ages. Young children (ages 6+) accompanied by an adult will be particularly entranced by this fun, party-like experience.

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Seating for Mrs. Krishnan’s Party is a key part of the audience experience. The show is like a party and audience members are the guests.

Indian Ink Theatre Company has developed five ticket types for the show, each playfully named for the types of people one might encounter at a party.


Dinner Seating at Mrs. Krishnan's Party

Mrs. Krishnan's Party    Photo credit/Nimmy Santhosh

Choose Your Experience:

VIP: A premium seat location directly at the dining table

Inner Circle: A premium seat location on stage level

Wallflower: A seat on a raised platform at the edge of the room; great view, but not as involved in the action. Due to the platform seating, no wheelchair accommodations will be available for the Wallflower ticket option.

Cheeky Seat: A seat at stage level, behind the inner circle

Party Animal: A seat on the periphery of the action

The closer the seat, the more involved one is in the performance. Everyone will have the opportunity to eat vegetarian dahl after the performance.





Flavors of India Community Dinner

Wednesday, Feb. 28 | 4:30 to 8 PM
FSU Chesapeake Dining Hall

Discover the rich, aromatic regional cuisines of India. Experience new flavors and join us for an all-you-care-to-eat buffet at FSU’s Chesapeake Dining Hall. 

$14.75 per person. Payment taken at the door; cash and credit accepted.

Registration is requested to assist Chartwells chefs in preparing a sufficient quantity of servings.



Indian Ink Theatre
Workshop: Acting With Teeth

Friday, March 1 at 6 PM
Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall | FSU Lane University Center

Discover the transformative power of mask technique in creating characters. Exercises teach participants new improvisational skills that help them to release joy, find pleasure in failure and experience freedom when approaching theatrical text.

Attendance is limited and reservations are required.


Theatre-style Seating/See Diagram

Recommended Age: 6+

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The presentation of Indian Ink Theatre Company in Mrs. Krishnan’s Party is sponsored by Novus Physical Medicine & Pain Management.

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