Accreditation, Certification and Licensure Information

FSU'S Accreditation

Frostburg State University is regionally accredited through the Middle States Association as an institution of higher learning.  The M.S. in Counseling Psychology Program is accredited by The Master's in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC).  The M.S. faculty at FSU decided to seek accreditation from this psychology organization due to its focus on psychological science, rather than the Council of Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and its identification with educational programs.  MPCAC accredits psychology programs that promote training in the scientific practice of professional psychology at the master’s level.  Our graduate program was the first in the University System of Maryland and the sixth nationwide to be accredited by MPCAC in 1998, and received a full 10-year reaccreditation in 2018.

Professional Counseling Licensing for the State of Maryland

  1. Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC)
    1. A Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor may practice graduate professional counseling for two years under the supervision of an approved supervisor while fulfilling the 2-years of post-graduate supervised clinical experience required for the LCPC.

    2. Requirements
      1. A master’s degree in professional counseling or related field and additional course work totaling 60 semester hours, including course work in specified areas (these areas are required in FSU’s M. S. Counseling Psychology curriculum). 
      2. Pass the National Counseling Exam (NCE)
      3. Three professional references who can attest to your counseling skills, professional standards of practice, and supervised clinical work.
      4. Pass The Maryland Law Test

  2. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
    1. Requirements
      1. All of the LGPC Requirements
      2. Years of Experience: 3 years of experience; a minimum of 2 of those 3 years must be post-masters experience.
      3. Clinical Hours: 3000 hours of supervised experience; a minimum of 2000 of those 3000 must be post-master’s (up to 1000 of the 3000 hours may come from master’s level practicum or internship). A minimum of 1500 of the 3000 hours must be face-to-face client contact hours (direct session time with clients physically present).
      4. Supervision: Minimum of 100 hours post-master's, at least 50 of which must be individual supervision.
      5. Pass the State Law Test

  3. Additional information on licensure and forms can be found on the online Maryland site

Note: As part of the licensure process a criminal background check often is required. Some states' laws may disqualify an individual from obtaining licensure if the individual has been convicted of certain crimes. If you have a criminal background, please check with the appropriate state licensing board where you wish to work for more information.

It would be to your benefit to contact the state board of the state in which you plan to work before graduation to determine their requirements for licensure and/or certification.