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In the English Department at Frostburg State University, we see the study of literature as dynamic and exciting.  In grouping works according to period energies (e.g., Romanticism, Modernism), we are intrigued by how authors on both sides of the Atlantic feed on each other’s work. Our transatlantic approach to the study of literature allows us to make creative connections among writers of many different nations and cultures.

Our discussion-based classes allow students to test ideas and sharpen their analytical skills.  Through reading, you will gain a perspective on the past and learn about why certain social issues persist.  Literature provides you with a broader perspective on the world and life and your place in it.  You will experience multiple dialogues – with the text; with other students; and, with the professor.  You will constantly be exposed to new ways to look at a text (including film, advertising, and the news). 

Studying literature will change how you look at the world on every level.  As one of our recent graduates, Kim Brown, stated, “You can’t help but be engaged with the world around you on a critical level.” The study of literature enhances your reading, critical thinking, and communication, skills valued by employers in many fields.  Moreover, it is an ideal field of study for those passionate about the future of the book, language, and the place of literature in the 21st century.

Requirements for the Literature Concentration in the English Major

1. Completion of the Major Core Curriculum (15 hours)

2. Completion of the Literature Concentration Core Requirements (7 hours)

ENGL 340 Shakespeare
ENGL 471 Seminar in Critical Theory                                
ENGL 489 English Capstone

3. Period Courses (9 hours)

Take one of the following:

ENGL 371 Literature of the Middle Ages
ENGL 372 Early Modern Literature
ENGL 373 Literature of the Enlightenment                   

Take one of the following:

ENGL 374 Literature of the Age of Revolution              
ENGL 375 Romanticism
ENGL 376 Realism and Naturalism      

Take one of the following:

ENGL 377 Modernism
ENGL 378 Postmodernism
ENGL 379 Postcolonial Literature                                

4. Specialization Course (3 hours)

Take one of the following:

ENGL 421 Jane Austen in Literature and Film               
ENGL 431 World Drama I
ENGL 432 World Drama II
ENGL 440 Literature of the Environment
ENGL 450 Women and Literature
ENGL 490 Selected Topics in English

5. Electives (6 hours)

Students may count a maximum of 6 hours of writing courses beyond ENGL 300 (Critical Writing about Literature). Students may count one 200-level course.

For more information, please contact your advisor or the Department Chair, Dr. Sydney Duncan.