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Geography Alumni

The Department of Geography has established the Geography Alumni Directory as a location for networking for Department of Geography Alumni. If you are an FSU Geography alumni and would like to have your name included please e-mail either Richard Russo ( or Phil Allen (

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[Married names appear in brackets]. The infomation below is supplied by alumni and we cannot guarantee all information is current!

Class of

John (Jack) Bailey
Greg Helms

Mike Dreisbach


David Aultman
Russell Kennedy
Burton Smith

David Johncox

Bill Ramsey
Larry Trachy

Russ Berry
Cathy Clark [McCully]
Katherine A. Cranford    
Bruce Maytubby
Bernie Smith
Sharon Falcone [Miller]
(Charles) Mark Kershner
Juanita Slagle [Wieczorec]

Bob Byer
Bruce W. Hall
Russell Schantz


Denny Motsko
Terry Hussmann/ Theresa Rasmussen


Mary Bewig [Clapsaddle]

G.R. (Randy) Mallow
William (Bill) Bradley
Patrick Friel
Scott Spiker
Mark D. Miller
Vance G. Hobbs 
Jerry M. Harmon
John Myers

Michael "Mike" Bower

Bill Park
James E. Rogers, Jr.
Robert M. Shankman

Andrew M. Corl
Bill Fearrington
Dominic Quattrocchi
Alison Lough [Rice]
Travis S. Ritter
Dan Sandison
Tracie Taylor (Tracie Miller)

Jeff Barclay
Rob Chapman
Robbie Festerman
Pamela Gribben
Donald E. Lipscomb Jr
John Lynch
John W Mitchell III

Stan Beach
Dana Hudson
Kevin L. Jett
Mike Przybocki
James Sines
Scott J. Spencer
Danny Welsch
Michael Watkins

Mike Norton

Kevin G. Wagner

Michael Godesky
Todd Grote
Kevin Hodson
Roger Kitzmiller
Christine Krell
Heather Reesey
Cameron Weimar

Warren Campbell
Jessica A. Keller
Sean Triplett
Tonya Buckmaster
Tim Forrester
Matt Habersack
Christopher Herbert
Stacy Talmadge
Chad Bittinger
Matt Habersack

Todd Grub
Eric Jewell
Brian Wesley Ryder

Jennifer Babish (Martin)
Shawn Gaver
Jamie Leisch
J. Stephen McClung Jr.
Greg Miller
Pamela Mock (Entwistle)
Scott "Shaggy" Moody
Russell Freistat

Matt Fletcher
Matt Harman
Todd Kilduff
April Lashley (Brenneman)
Robert Ryder

Lisa Beeman
Annie Cahill
Charlie Kershner
Michelle Parenteau
Nathan Frantz
Matthew Bush
John Carey
Michael Jaworski
Kelsey Jencso
Britta Ricker
James Sneathen
Ryan Thomas
Keith Klemm
Cody Saville
Robin White
Ed May
Jenny Martin

Seth Bruin


Class of 1971

John (Jack) Bailey
Laurel, Md.

Retired Montgomery County Public School teacher.

Upon graduation from Frostburg in 1971, I taught geography for a number of years to 7th and 8th graders at Newport Jr. High in Kensington, Md. In time the curriculum changed to social studies and then in my last years became U.S. History for grade 8. In 1978 I moved to Sligo Jr. High and became the dept. chair where I was involved in the transition to middle school in 1985. I spent my final 17 years at Banneker Middle School in Burtonsville as both dept. chair and team leader. After retiring in 2005, I continued as a substitute teacher for an additional 7 years.

I have nothing but the best memories of the geography dept. at Frostburg. Without those men I would not have become what I did. I remember Christmas open houses at Dr. Cotton's. As a senior he gave a group of us the dept. credit card to finance a trip to the University of Md. to hear the author of one of our texts. He also selected me in the spring of 1971 to represent Frostburg at the annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference in Annapolis. Nizinski was my advisor, always with his door open. I recall fondly Duckson's field trips, and I had the opportunity to work for him to earn a little extra spending money. Riley supervised my student teaching. How could a person not succeed with support from a team like this?

Greg Helms (Geography)

Linthicum, MD
Employment: Anne Arundel County Public Schools
2644 Riva Road
Annapolis MD 21401

Title: Science Department Chairperson, North County High School

I manage the science department of a suburban high school. Currently 13 teachers.

I am honored to have the first and oldest listing in the directory. I am still teaching, having just completed my 41st year as an Earth Science Teacher in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties. Physical Geography with Duckson remains my all-time favorite class. I owe much to Duckson, Nizinski, Cotton, Riley, and Farmer. Each molded my understanding of geography in their own way. What a great team!

Words of Wisdom: It is more important to understand concepts and ideas than to memorize facts. You can not rush understanding. Take your time.

Go Bobcats!


Class of 1972

Mike Dreisbach (Geography,1972)

Labor Mediator Consultant, self-employed.

I currently work very extensively in the coal industry as a team development consultant and contract mediator. My back ground in geology and geography have paid me very large dividends throughout my work life. I currently have active work sites from North Dakota to West Virginia and have begun to work in the electrical utilities industry as it relates to the clean air act. I am also in the process of developing an outdoor learning center in Garrett County called the Savage River Lodge.

I also have an outdoor sporting goods business that sells products across the U.S.

Class of 1973

Jack A. Kemerer (Geography, 1973, MEd, 1980)

Crisis Management Support Division
8301 Greensboro Drive
Suite 230 (MS E-2-6)
McLean, VA 22102-8932
Phone: (703) 827-2042;
Fax: (703) 827-2050

Senior Consultant/Analyst: Responsible for developing emergency response plans for petroleum handling facilities to meet regulatory requirements set forth by the US EPA, US Coast Guard, RSPA, and states. Also develop and conduct required Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) training and exercise programs. Work is conducted at government, military and private facilities.

After graduating from FSU, I taught junior high math, general science and social studies in Charles County, MD and Upshur County, WV. I also conducted environmental education workshops for college students and public school teachers in WV. In 1977, I joined the US Coast Guard to work in the Environmental Protection program. I retired from the USCG in 1997.

During my Coast Guard career, I spent over 18 years in the Marine Safety program, specializing in port operations and pollution response activities. I was assigned twice to the National Strike Force and coordinated activities on major oil and chemical pollution incidents such as the Exxon Valdez spill and response activities during Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia. I also served as an instructor at the Coast Guard's Marine Safety School in Yorktown, VA and designed and coordinated national spill response exercises. I joined SAIC AMSEC in March 1997.

For those of you in the process of preparing resumes, it is important to emphasize what you have accomplished (results), not just your work history. Provide "executive management" experience, "project management" experience, and other accomplishments and special skills. Be sure you have a goal and know what kind of work you would like to do. Computer skills are a must.

Class of 1974

David Aultman (Geography, 1974)

Phone: 7276455830

Employment: Census Bureau
Position: Supervisory Geographer

Russell Kennedy (Geography, 1974)

Phone: 301-977-1804

Employment: NOAA,Office of Coast Survey
                     1315 East West Highway
                     Silver Spring/Maryland, 20910
Title: Senior Nautical Cartographer. 
Responsible for quality assurance and special projects in Electronic Navigational Charts. Technical editor of Nautical Chart Manual Vol.III (ENC Encoding Guide)

Wisdom: If you like you work stick with it; it is a bigger reward than money.
Other: Fellow of the National Speleologial Society

Burton Smith (Geography, 1974)

Phone: 301-869-7158

Employer: NOAA/NGS
                 N/NGS SSMCIII #8359
                 Silver Spring, MD 20910

Title: Geodesist
I monitor and correct entries into the NGS data base. Before this I planned various types of control survey projects.

Words of Wisdom: Become very familiar with GIS . This and experience with GPS surveying will be a great asset in a surveying career.

Other: Roadside geology; stamp collecting; traveling 

Class of 1975

David Johncox (Geography, 1975)

My name is David Johncox, Class of '75. I'm currently a hydrologist for the USGS/Water Resources Division in Lakewood, CO. I've been a cartographer for the USGS, Reston, VA and Lakewood, CO. I have also been a hydrologic technician for the U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service in Utah working in snow surveys (snow hydrology). Currently, I'm involved mainly in surface-water water-quality investigations that have included lake and reservoir studies, surface-water, sediment-quality, and biological-quality studies in small high-mountain environs. I'm currently involved in an urban runoff study that are looking at TMDLs. I've also had limited groundwater study experience. I'll have 20 years Federal service in Feb. 1998.

E-mail addresses are:

I'd really like to know where some of my old chums from Frostburg are now. If you could post in your website possible addresses or E-mail addresses, it would be great. Oh, I forgot to mention, but I was president of Gamma Theta Upsilon back in the mid 70s. My advisor was Don W. Duckson Jr. Bill Nizinski was also one of my favorite profs along with Don and, of course, Dr. James Cotton.

Bill Ramsey (Geography, 1975)

Employer: City of San Juan Capistrano
                 32400 Paseo Adelanto
                 San Juan Capistrano, 92675

Title: Principal Planner
Senior staff member responsible for various planning functions. Serve as the Zoning Administrator and conduct administrative hearings. Serve as the City's Environmental Administrator responsible for managing the City's CEQA-compliance process. Manage numerous politically sensitive and technically complex development projects.

Wisdom: Use every opportunity available to develop your writing (non-technical) and public speaking skills. Master one or two aspects of your profession, but develop broad knowledge about all other areas of your profession. Develop a reputation for being versatile and multi-talented. Be a team-player, build solid working relationships, and approach your work with enthusiasm and commitment.

Larry Trachy (Geography, 1975)


Employer: VA Dept. of Transportation
                 Richmond, Virginia, 23219


Title: Assistant Division Administrator
ADA of Operations Management Division...most of my time is spent with statewide programs and funding issues associated as well as day to day management of the division.

Wisdom: stay a student as long as you can......always looking for gis/statistics/planning folks to employ....send me an e-mail....

Other: riding motorcycles.....going to the beach....raising 4 kids...fighting off getting older.....johncox..send me an e-mail

Class of 1976

Russ Berry (Geography, 1976)
(703)648-5512 (work)

I am happily married and live on a horse farm in rural Loudoun County, Virginia. Heidi and I have two boys, ages 7 and 13. We are teaching them at home. It is like going to school again, only this time we are learning with enthusiasm. I am active in Church activities and am trying to walk by faith, not by sight. There are a host of things in this world that can get you off track. I have been on many of those tracks. Read "Pilgrim's Progress."  I am an active in my local volunteer fire department. That is very rewarding work. My specialty is initial entry and knock-down. I have learned that things come into perspective when your stuff is getting shoveled out of the window after a house fire.

I am a "weekend" farmer. Heidi is an outstanding riding instructor, judge, and competitor in the English riding discipline known as Dressage. I move the manure and fix the fences. My town is so small that the Post Office is in the General Store. It is great! The commute grew to an hour and 15 minutes (from 40-minutes 20 years ago.) I have the luxury of working from home - thanks to the internet. Like many rural communities on the edge of civilization, we are concerned about growth. Because of my faith in God, I am involved in local politics. I work to elect conservative politicians. Although I have never been in a smoke-filled back room, I am amazed how easy it is to have a significant influence on public policy. Don't neglect your responsibility to vote! I have been employed at the U.S. Geological Survey and the Department of the Interior since I graduated from FSC in 1976. It is unusual for someone to spend an entire career with one employer, but it has been a dynamic and rewarding career. I expect to retire in a few years.

My career has taken me to mainland China and the Antarctic. I have traveled all around the USA. Currently, I am an Information Technology specialist. I am working to reduce the risk of wildfire across the country. It is a fascinating blend of science, geography, and human behavior. Keywords for people who may care to contact me for professional reasons : Remote Sensing, GIS, Wetlands, Datums and Projections, Surface Modeling, National Fire Plan, Hazardous Fuels Reduction, Healthy Forests.

Don't hesitate to call - either if you know me or want to talk about any of my interests.

Cathy Clark [McCully] (Geography/History, 1976)

Employer: Bureau of the Census
              Redistricting Data Office
              Washington DC, 20233

              E-mail: phone: 301-763-4039

Title: Chief, Census Redistricting Data Office
Responsible for the coordination of census activities to support Public Law 94-171 which mandates that the Census Bureau work with state legislatures and state executive offices in determining their census data needs for legislative redistricting.

Wisdom: Geography will always be a terrific curriculum to follow. Dr. Duckson changed my life. Getting a C in his class for me was like scoring big on the SATs! I had no idea what I was going to do with a geography degree but I knew I loved it. Kids should follow their dreams but keep a foot on the ground in following the job markets. I was very fortunate but I also never gave up. By far my star was not the brightest from the class of 1976 I was fortunate enough to a geographer at the US Census Bureau and that's all she wrote. Redistricting is political geography and several years ago I got the dream job of heading up this office. Instead of memorizing state capitols, I get to visit them all! It's been great. My advise to students is make sure you enjoy your studies--like a river it will take you where you're destined. And when Aunt Helen says she has a friend....follow up on it! Networking will become your best friend.

Other: I am married to Joe McCully who I met through friends at Frostburg! We have three children. Shannon is a rising sophomore at Washington College looking at Environmental Studies and Law. Heather is a rising High School Senior looking at Frostburg as a college prospect! Joey is entering high school. Our home is like grand central with all the extra activies that surround 3 busy kids. I keep in touch with Judy Early and some of the other girls from Annapolis Hall! Kathy McLaughlin, Nancy Sample, Diane Lynch! And of course Joe's friends--Dennis Moore, Timmy Julian, Bob Mazzulo and Ray Ford. We've all been busy with our teens but hopefully will find more time for each other as things calm down.

Katherine A. Cranford [Kershner]  (Urban Planning, 1976)

WORK: U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center
            ATTN: CETEC-PD-DS
            7701 Telegraph Road
            Alexandria, VA 22315-3864

            Work: (703) 428-9029

I am Kathy Kershner (Cranford). I graduated from Frostburg in December of 1976 with a degree in Urban Planning. I am now a Cartographer working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Center in the Digital Concepts and Analysis Center - Standards Division under the Programs Directorate. I am serving as a project scientist responsible for conducting technical analysis associated with the development of Army-wide requirements, software standards, and applications for digital topographic data (DTD). I married a fellow Urban Planning major from Frostburg (Charles) Mark Kershner ('77). Mark worked as a cartographer for the Department of Interior, Defense Mapping Agency and as a Physical Scientist (GS-14) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Center. Mark passed away November 4, 1994.The Topographic Engineering Center has a home page and plenty of information regarding our mission and what we do here. Topographic Engineering Center

Bruce Maytubby (Geography/History,1976)
Phone: 405-247-2757

Employment: Bureau of Indian Affairs
                      P.O. Box 368
                      Anadarko, OK 73005


Title: Deputy Regional Director for Trust
Senior Manager of Trust Services programs (Environment, Natural Resources, Real Estate Services, GIS) for the Southern Plain Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs. Administer Federal programs for 24 Tribes in W. Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

Wisdom: You find success in the most unusual places - keep an open mind and trust your knowledge and skills will give you the edge you need to find the path to follow.

Other: Playing Varsity Tennis at the Burg gave me the discipline to succeed at many things. Anyone that can play tennis in shorts while snow is falling deserves respect!

Bernie Smith (Geography, 1976)

I'm Bernie Smith, Class of 1976. I currently work for MCI Communications (you know, 5-cent Sundays!) in Colorado Springs where I do absolutely nothing related to my Physical Geography / Earth Science majors. (I previously worked as a national consultant specializing in information architecture and database design. I've since given up the life of a wandering minstrel and, at the moment, am developing a project management database system, designing a database-driven website, supporting a local area network, and providing internal consulting services to my division. The best part is they pay me to have all this fun!)

My wife, Kim, and I live in the country on the north side of the Palmer Divide, the division of the South Platte River and Arkansas River drainages between Denver and Colorado Springs. Our home in Franktown is visited regularly by deer, some elk, lots of red foxes (even one black red fox!), raccoons, skunks, and even a passing mountain lion!

My first exposure to the Rocky Mountains came when I was fortunate enough to participate in a field study led by Dr. Duckson during the summer before my senior year (1975). Here I was, this gangly, city-born kid of 19 who had never been farther west than Deep Creek Lake. Within the span of a few days, I was knee-deep in the Rockies! Although I had learned my geography lessons fairly well, my view of the breathtaking wonder of the west had been limited to images projected on a screen or observed in books. All of a sudden, the world seemed to unfold before me! I saw cuestas, hogbacks, dikes, arretes, moraines, hanging valleys! In the course of 4 short weeks, 3 years of college snapped into focus. It's been 23 years since that summer of my awakening, and I still experience the same awe every time I wander down a new trail or identify a new wildflower! And to think I have been fortunate enough to live right in the midst of it. While my career has not focused on my college majors, I have managed to appease my continuing appetite for geography and the natural sciences by volunteering my time as a Park Naturalist at Castlewood Canyon State Park in Franktown, Colorado. Although the park is technically located in Colorado's high plains, it has the distinction of having five separate ecosystems within its 1,200 acres, including the montane lifezone found usually 4,000 feet higher in elevation. I have developed and delivered hundreds of programs to thousands of adults and children on such topics as park geology, birds, wildflowers, history, ethnobotany, feline predators, and bats. There is really nothing more rewarding that sending home a dozen three and four year olds who can now recite and understand terms such as evaporation, condensation, and precipitation!

I'd love to hear from my old friends, classmates, and professors!  And if you find yourself in the greater Denver/Colorado Springs area, give me a shout!

Bernie Smith Class of 1976
office: (719)265-0440
home: (303)688-2778

Class of 1977

Sharon Falcone  (Geography/Earth Science, 1977)

Employment: The Pennsylvania State University
Title: Faculty
Position Description: I conduct research in the area of fossil fuel and biomass energy systems, specifically related to emissions and environmental systems. I am also the Director of the Office of Student Development at The Energy Institute at Penn State.

WISDOM: I started out in geography/earth science at Frostburg. I then went on to get my master's degree in geology at the University of North Dakota. While I was there I traveled quite a bit including Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Europe. I got a job at the Energy and Environmental Research Center in Grand Forks, ND where I became interested in environmental aspects of energy production. That lead me to a PhD in Fuel Science at Penn State. I use my geochemistry background quite a bit. I even had a chance to use my cartography background when working on a project mapping PA biomass resources. The point is that in order to see an opportunity you have to be open to possibilities that you may not have previously considered. My greatest mentor was Donald Duckson who taught me not to doubt my ability to do good work.

OTHER: Married with 2 children.

(Charles) Mark Kershner
(Urban Planning) deceased (1994)

Juanita [Slagle] Wieczoreck  (Geography, 1977)

410 810-2799

Work:  Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization
P.O. Box 383
Dover, DE 19903
302 739-5359

I graduated from Frostburg with a degree in Geography (physical
geography) in 1977. I just completed a 20-year journey into the wilds of New Jersey, coming full circle by purchasing and moving back into my mother's home just outside of Chestertown.

After graduation, I completed a year of graduate study at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, returning to Maryland after realizing that I'm an easterner through and through. I moved to South Jersey after meeting my husband, John. While there, I worked as an interviewer for the Job Service, sold Tupperware and worked as a rod person on a county survey crew before landing a job in the county planning department as a transportation planner. From there, I went to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the metropolitan planning organization for Philadelphia, also as a transportation planner. (And I was one of those people who said, "I'll never be a planner.")

I am now the executive director of the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization, overseeing all agency functions. In the five years since I've been here, our planning area has been expanded to include all of Kent County, Delaware, and as of this fiscal year, we have four full-time staff positions. Our agency provides the forum for state and local government to meet and coordinate transportation planning and programming in our region, and determine how federal transportation funds should be spent. When funding is available, we conduct studies and create plans for guiding how the transportation system should develop in the future.

My husband just retired from his high school teaching job in Pitman, New Jersey. We are enjoying a quiet life along the shore of a tributary to Langford Bay with my mother and two dogs.

Advice for current or prospective students:

Investigate career opportunities before deciding on your area of specialization, particularly where jobs are located. I majored in geography because I found it interesting and I was fairly good at it. I specialized in physical geography because I found rocks and landforms particularly interesting. I discovered too late that I don't likeliving in the west; and there aren't too many rocks on the Eastern Shore. Without a degree specifically in geology or geomorphology or a teaching certificate or any coursework in planning, my employment options seemed extremely limited. Most employers don't know what to do with a geographer. They consider a geography degree to be training for planners, cartographers, and teachers. And, they assume you know the 50 state and their capitals (which you do, if Geography of the US & Canada still covers the same material). As you acquire your education,
consider how it can be useful in a broader range of disciplines.

From the course listings on the web site, the department has a lot more to offer now than when I attended FSU. Take advantage of all the knowledge your professors have to offer and take all the field trips you can. While at FSU and UNO, I got to go to Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Big Bend National Park, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Like Bernie Smith, I went on the Colorado tour with Dr. Duckson. It was the greatest field trip of them all. These opportunities sharpen your skills for observing and interpreting the world around you. Once you graduate and have to work for a living to support yourself and a family, traveling will be more difficult arrange and afford.

Finally --- never say never. You don't know what life will send your way and you need to keep your options open. Good luck.

Class of 1979

Bob Byer (Earth Science)
Grad School: University of Nevada, Reno
Employer: Sovereign Consulting Inc.
                 50 West Welsh Pool Rd., Suite 6
                 Exton, PA  19341
Title: Principal Hydrogeologist

Bruce W. Hall (General Science/Earth Science Concentration)
12020 Glen Arm
Glen Arm, MD 21057
E-mail: Bruswayne@AOL.COM
Phone: 443 838 2004

Employer: FBI (retired)/The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218
Title: Supervisory Special Agent/Unit Chief (retired)
Unit Chief - Materials Analysis, Federal Bureau of Investigation USA [April 1985 - September 2007]

Managed the FBI Laboratory Materials Analysis Unit's day-to-day operations. Case acceptance, prioritization, technical and administrative review; budgeting, planning and control; personnel management. Instructor; Crime scene investigator; International travel; Forensic mineralogist; Expert witness; Special Operations Group activities.

Wisdom: "There is no general hypothesis." Dr. Donald W. Duckson, 1977; and The reward you seek may not be the reward you find.

Russell Schantz (Geography)

Residence: Thurmont, Maryland 21788

Works for Frederick County, Maryland Government (since June 1979). Present position is Computer Trainer II. Leads classes in a variety of software on both micro and mini computer platforms. Provides telephone support (Help Desk) for Frederick County Government computer users. Assists in administering our Local Area Networks (Novell 3.x; hopefully moving to 4.x this coming fiscal year). Off work interests include volunteering with my local volunteer fire department. Certified (Maryland and Nationally) as a Fire Fighter III and Emergency Medical Technician. Presently serving sixth term as Treasurer of Guardian Hose Company in Thurmont, Maryland.


Class of 1980

Class of 1981

Denny Motsko (Geography/Earth Science)

Employer: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Title: Imagery and Geospatial Scientist
Responsible for the Research and Development of new capabilities to automate cartographic and imagery exploitation processes.

Terry Hussmann (Theresa Rasmussen)   (Geography/Art)
phone: 703-428-7889

Employer: Army Corps of Engineers/ Topographic Engineering Center


Title: Cartographer

I work on the Crisis Support Team, making maps and other map-type product in the event of a major disaster such as a flood or hurricane. Also, I work on developing a product called the Urban Tactical Planner - a tool to be used by soldiers in the field and planners for information about cities in designated threat areas. It will show the principal urban areas, photographs and video of the area, as well as rivers, roads etc. This is available both hardcopy and digitally.

Words of Wisdom: Work hard, but don't forget to make it fun!

Class of 1983

Mary Bewig [Clapsaddle]   (Geography & Sociology)
Phone: 410-946-5530

Employer: Maryland Dept of Legislative Services

Title: Operating Budget Manager
I provide nonpartisan analysis and recommendations on State fiscal policy and agency operations to the Md General Assembly. I also supervise the work of 10 policy analysts who evaluate the performance and budget of State agencies.

WISDOM: Be flexible in responding to opportunities - you can almost always gain some knowledge, insight or experience from a job that will be useful in supporting your longer-range goals.

OTHER: Master of Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill; career has been focused on public administration and public policy.

Class of 1984

R. (Randy) Mallow (Cartography)

Employer: US Army

Title: Lieutenant Colonel

Wisdom: Proverbs 3:3-5

Class of 1987

William (Bill) Bradley  (Geography)
Phone: 540-439-4175

Class of 1988

Patrick Friel    (Urban Geography and Cartography)
Phone: (703) 534-1666

Employer: Heidrick & Struggles

Title: Principal

Hi all! Graduated from FSU in 1988 with good intentions to pursue a career in Geography. Became a Planner in James City County, Virginia (near Williamsburg) and learned a ton working on special projects and managing large rezoning and land use permit requests. I spent 5 years at the County and left local government and geography for a career in executive recruiting. The skills I gained in the planning field helped me become an effective communicator and a persuasive speaker. Both skills that have helped me in my current field of endeavor. Yeah, yeah enough brownosing the FSU Geography Department...what's he doing now. I am a Principal with Heidrick and Struggles and we are the worlds largest executive recruiting firm. I am typically retained by technology companies to conduct searches for their senior most positions (usually CEO, CIO, CFO and SVP levels). My area of specialty is telecommunications equipment and Internet companies. As far as how it relates to geography...I travel a lot and use ma (last of file got cut off)

Learn to write and you get never be too technological proficient. Don't eat at Dunks after graduation - it seems good now but man it is not.

Married and have a toddler at home (daughter). My wife is an Urban Planner and is the Director of Planning for the City of Falls Church, Virginia.


Scott Spiker    (Geography/ Cartography concentration)
Phone:(w)(919) 560-4137

I am currently the GIS Planner for Durham City/County Planning in Durham, NC. (most famous for the movie "Bull Durham" or Duke University, depending on your taste). I am responsible for a county wide digital mapping project which include property mapping of approximately 85,000 parcels, planimetric/topographic mapping of the city (about 80 square miles), and GPS capture of approximately 75,000 utility features. 

Class of 1989

Mark D. Miller

Phone: 301-482-0013

Employer: NIH
Phone: 301-496-4903

Title: Distributed Systems Team Leader
Supervises the daily activity of the Distributed Systems Team consisting of two Windows NT Domain Administrators, a team of individuals responsible for maintaining all NT, Macintosh, MS Exchange, MS IIS and Unix servers for the Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center (CC)

Class of 1990

Vance G. Hobbs  (Urban Planning)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 1715
Baltiomore Maryland

TITLE: Chief, Maryland Section

Supervisory Geographer: As the Chief, Maryland Section, I oversee a team of ecologists and biologists and support them in the implementation of the Department of the Army Regulatory Program administering permits for under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of Rivers and Harbors Act. Section 404 of the Clean water Act focuses on fill impacts to waters of the United States including special aquatic sites such as wetlands. Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act focuses on navigational interests including obstructing the nations navigable waterways. If you have any questions concerning the Department of the Army Regulatory Program please do not hesitate to contact me, or visit the Baltimore Districts website at

WISDOM: If you want to work as a supervisor in a resource or regulatory agency, diversity is key in your success.

OTHER: I left the Corps of Engineers in January 2000 to join the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). In the FHWA Resource Center I worked as a technical expert and national instructor focusing on environmental laws and regulations including National Environmental Policy Act, Department of the Army Permitting, Endangers Species Act, and Indirect and Cumulative Effects Impact Analysis. I rejoined the corps in July of 2005 to move into my current position.

Class of 1991

Jerry M. Harmon  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

Potomac Research International
108 Wheel Road, Suite 101
Bel Air, Maryland 21203-1715

Work: (410) 569-6350

Following the completion of my Environmental Analysis and Planning degree in August of 1991, I worked briefly as a Research Assistant for Dr.Craig Caupp and as a GIS Technician within the FSU Geography Department. In December of 1991, I began working as a Hydrologic Technician with Handex of Maryland, Inc. As a Hydrologic Technician, I was involved in hands-on maintenance of ground water pump & treat systems, vacuum extraction systems, and catalytic/thermal oxidizers. I began working as a Hydrogeologist at TPH Technology, Inc. in December 1992. In this position, I was involved in UST tank closure oversight, soil and ground water assessment activities,and recovery system project management. I was also involved in the design of air sparging, pump & treat, and vacuum extraction remediation systems. My career was continued at Handex of Maryland in December 1996 where I filled the position of Senior Hydrogeologist. As Senior Hydrogeologist, my duties included the cradle to grave management of petroleum assessment and remediation projects.

To aid in solving complex environmental problems, I began taking Computer Science courses at the University of Maryland in the fall of 1995. I obtained a second degree in Computer Science in February of 1998. I was subsequently hired as Senior Programmer/Environmental Scientist at Potomac Research International. I am currently developing an automated Spill Prevention Plan for Aberdeen Proving Ground. I am using my environmental expertise to provide consulting to Army representatives, and I am using my programming experience (GIS, Java, PL/SQL,and Oracle) to develop software that can be used in an environmental emergency.

Frostburg has a tremendous Geography Department. Professors such as Dr. Craig Caupp, Dr. Thomas Small, and Dr. Donald Duckson provided a solid scientific foundation that resulted in the development of my critical thinking skills. These valuable skills have aided in solving many complex environmental problems.

My recommendations to current or prospective Geography Students are to complete as many computer and writing courses that you can. In addition to the computer mapping courses offered within Geography Department, I would highly recommend completing programming and information technology courses. These courses will improve your chances of landing a job upon graduation and these courses will also teach you how to use powerful programming tools to aid in solving environmental problems.

John Myers  (Environmental Analysis and Planning, minor in Biology)

401 M St, SW
MC 7407
Washington DC 20460

Title: Environmental Protection Specialist

After I finished up at FSU, I was hired as contractor process Health and Safety Studies for the EPA. This led to my being hired as by EPA 2 years later. After spending several years performing Risk Screening and Tree Hugging, I moved on to Tech. Support for our office, basically a help desk. Currently I am working on developing Information Products, specifically creating Web based Expert Systems to help demystify complex federal regulations and assist in complying with them. 

Wisdom: computer courses, at least a minor in info systems. Many thanks to the profs. in the Geography Dept. esp. Dr. Small, Dr. Duckson and Dr. Caupp 

Class of 1992

Michael "Mike" Bower (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

(301) 687-7698 (W)

I am currently employed at FSU. Yes Frostburg State, not Florida (too bad). My job Title is Facilities Program Coordinator. In short, I work for the Physical Plant Department and my main responsibility is writing technical documents (called a Program) which describe a campus building renovation project. The Program is used in the approval process for state funding through the Legislature. I also write construction specifications, bid contracts, make CAD drawings, and do some field surveying.

I am always willing to give advice or try to help students achieve their goals. My recommendations for success vary according to the particular goal, but computer skills (GIS, spreadsheets, database) are the key to getting your first job. Many managers are relatively computer illiterate!

In the future I would like to take the Professional Engineer license exam, but for now I am working on my Master's in Business Administration. I know this seems odd, but I feel no matter what field you enter as a professional you will need MBA skills.

Feel free to call me anytime or E-mail me, I'll be sure to respond and lend a hand if possible.

Bill Park  (Environmental Analysis and Planning/Biology)

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
0620 Guilford Road, Suite 100
Jessup MD, 20794

(800) 453-1474

TITLE: Senior Environmental Specialist/Project Manager

As an environmental consultant, I manage and perform environmental, engineering,, and construction services for various State and County government transportation and site development projects throughout central Maryland. I perform variety of tasks including identification and delineation non-tidal and tidal wetlands; environmental resource analysis; compensatory wetland and stream mitigation design; wetland and waterway construction permitting; forest stand delineations and forest conservation plans; rare, threatened, and endangered plant species investigations; stormdrain and culvert design; environmental monitoring; and construction inspection. I am currently developing an Environmental Division and if anyone is interested in employment opportunities, please give me a call.

WISDOM: The EVAP major provided me all the resources I needed to develop a career. Enroll in any wetland delineation courses or training.


James E. Rogers, Jr.   (Geography, minor History)


National Imagery and Mapping Agency

Title: Cartographer

I am using Arc/Info to maintain a worldwide digital database of Nautical Charts. This digital data is being used to help promote safer "real time" navigation.

Wisdom: Take those computer programming language classes! For anyone going into GIS it would be good to learn some visual basic. That is where ESRI is headed with Arc/Info at least.

My wife Rhonda and I bought our first house going on four years ago this coming March. We also have three wonderful kids, Jamie (8), Daniel (5) and Elisa (1). They are growing so fast!


Robert M. Shankman   (Geography/Cartography)


Technology Associates International Corporation
1225 I (Eye) Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Title: Senior Spatial Database Administrator

I am involved in getting multiple spatial databases from different sources to work together to provide the client with the best possible dataset. Giving them the ability to make the most informed decision possible based on the data available. The integration of these databases in not just confined to local networks some of these databases are thousands of miles away. I am also involved in providing Data Administration services to many branches of the Federal Government.

Path to current postion: After graduation from FSU I work in the Military Science Department of Greenhorne & O'Mara in Greenbelt MD. There I was involved in the conversion of "Classified" maps from raster scanned images to vector format. After working there for 9 months I worked for the Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission (MNCP&PC). Here I was involved in their conversion project of Planimetric and Cadastral data into AutoCAD format and then into Arc/Info. The plan was to have all of the plans that were submitted to the county to be in a digital format and then they could be added to the data quickly. There were also plans to get the maps on-line in their intranet for the public to use. As this project was moving along I was given the opportunity to work for Dewberry & Davis (D&D) as a GIS Programmer. Once at D&D I worked a number of interesting projects, mainly for FEMA. After being frustrated with the lack of training they would provide and the reluctance to make any promotions and or raises I got a job with the Fairfax County Government as a GIS Programmer/Analyst.

As a Programmer/Analyst I create applications and or make changes in current applications to keep our clients (other departments) working with our data. I work mainly on ESRI products i.e.: ARC/Info and ArcView 3.1. We are in the process of our data conversion project which is converting all of our map data from paper and mylar into a digital form. This is an enormous project since the county has 440 tax map sheets and we have broken these into several layers (approx. 60) for each sheet. With this new data many more departments will have the ability to do analysis that they have never had the ability to do. Because of this we are training as many departments as we can on how to use the software products and our data now. We are also developing standard map products that the public and our users in the county can just pull up and print out. We have another project in the works to have an interactive map server on the WWW soon, utilizing our new data and the ortho photos that we have of the county down to a resolution of 0.5 ft per pixel.

If I had to go to school all over again I would make sure that I took some more programming classes. This is probably not what you want to hear, I know it wasn't when I was in school but, I find that as we receive more of our data we have to write new applications (programming) for our users. Once all of our data is in we will have essentially two types of work, maintenance and development. The maintenance will be just like it implies someone who updates the data as the data changes, however the development team is out on the edge of technology looking at new products and new ways to get our maps out on the WWW and to our users in the county.



Class of 1993

Andrew M. Corl  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

Employment: Work:
C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C.
5247 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Unit 5
Washington, D.C. 20015


Current assignment: The Naval Research Laboratory in southeast Washington, DC. performing chemical inventory, and chemical usage calculation to develop adequate health and safety procedures for researchers. Development of database to track information on chemical usage. Database will also be used to calculate emissions to air, water and land as required by the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Perform asbestos and lead paint inspections and risk assessments for government clients and private clients. Also studying for the Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM) Exam.

Words of Wisdom: Study everything you can about regulations and industry practices so you have some idea about what you are doing. Earn as many certifications and licenses as you can so you remain as marketable as possible.

Items of Interest: I am married with two children (Joshua 4 and Thomas 1). I relax by dressing up like a Civil War solder and re-enacting battles, and I have a small flower garden. I am also a member of the Alpha Gamma Chi, Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association.

Bill Fearrington  (Earth Science)

Lafarge North America
300 East Joppa Road
Suite 200
Towson, Maryland, 21286

Title: Resource Data Supervisor

Data Base Administrator; responsible for Lafarge's Land Information System for Easter US Region. Also responsible for converting CADD files in shape file format.

Wisdom: Stay in school as long as possible.

Alison Lough [Rice]

ESRI Maryland Representative
8620 Westwood Center Drive
Vienna, Virginia 22182
Phone: 703-506-9515
Fax: 703-506-9514

Title: Planner III, GIS Coordinator

The Mission of The Allegany County Office of Planning Services is to implement a county-wide GIS mapping service that enables maximum productivity both to internal operations and the services it provides to the public. This office will utilize it's training, skills, and GIS Coordination Plan to create a centralized system that is well planned and focuses on organization. The benefits, goals, and accomplishments of this system will be disseminated to all levels of government and the private sector in an effort to further communication and integration. Check out our website at and then goto County Departments, Geographic Information Systems and the Allegany County Planning Department

Wisdom: I obtined my position with Allegany County Government by accepting an intership that wasn't directly in line with my career goals but turned into opportunities.


Dominic Quattrocchi  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)


Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission
8787 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring MD 20910

Title: Senior Planner

Words of Wisdom: Stay in school as long as you can.

Travis S. Ritter     (Geography/Urban Planning)

1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910 

Title:  Cartographer (Remote Sensing Division, NGS, NOAA)

In my current position I spend a large portion of my time designing CAD, GIS, and Photogrammetric software.  The Remote Sensing Division of the National Geodetic Survey is responsible for producing two types of highly accurate aerotriangulated
source data, FAA FAR Part 77 obstruction charts and  coastal shoreline mapping. This information is used to ensure safe navigation of both waterways and airways.

I have also worked as a planner/Cadd operator for a small engineering firm in Ocean City, Maryland as well as for a GIS firm based in columbia, Maryland.

I am currently working on a Masters of Computer Systems Management at UMUC in College Park, Maryland.  I found that in today's high tech job market it very valuable to understand the high tech community as well Geographic community.

For more information about the National Geodetic Survey:


Dan Sandison

Title: Manager, GIS Program, Department of Environment (Western Australia)

Wisdom:  Apply for every scholarship you are eligible for to help ease the financial pain of being a student!

Other: See my web page.  Cheers from down under!

Tracie Taylor [Miller]  (Geography/Cartography)

Higher Ground Engineering and Land Surveying/Cal State Bakersfield
700 22nd Street
Bakersfield CA, 93301

Title: Engineering Designer/CADD Manager

Design Grading, Streets, Wall, Sewer and Storm Drain Plans for subdivions, commercial and industrial sites.

Wisdom: Continue learning, take classes, go to seminars. Today is an ever changing work environment. Falling behind is way too easy.

Other: Geology, currently working towards a Master's Degree. Playing lots of tennis.


Class of 1994


Jeff Barclay

Environmental Analysis and Planning
P.O. Box 5255
Cresaptown, Md 21505

I am currently employed with a small consulting firm, HIghland Engineering& Surveying, Inc., located in Oakland, Md. My position entails many diverse subjects related to the EAP major at Frostburg State University. My primary duty was initially to perform Water Monitoring for local coal companies. In the two years I have been employed. I have performed wetland delineations, stormwater management practices, surveying coal mining application, and CAD drafting.

Rob Chapman
8366 Crystal Walk Cir
Elk Grove, 95758
PHONE: (312) 259-6787
3125 Dwight Rd, Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA, 95758
TITLE: Database Engineer Team Lead


Robbie Festerman

Robbie Festerman
Aeronautical Charting and Cartography
Enroute Navigation Branch

Hello FSU Geography Dept. I attended FSU from Aug 1990 - May 1994.

 I am working as an aeronautical cartographer in the Office of  Aeronautical Charting and Cartography within NOAA. Soon to be transferred to the Dept. of Transportation.  I have actually worked here since my sophomore and junior year at FSU as a coop student intern.  After I graduated I was hired immediately as a full time cartographer.  The work we do is critical to the safety of the flying public.  We  produce several kinds of aeronautical charts for the general flying  public (which are required in all aircraft when flying), several charts and other products for the FAA's air traffic controllers, and we also produce several products for NIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Asso.) formerly known as DMA (Defense Mapping).

The most important thing I could tell any current or future geography majors regardless of their concentration is to try to do an internship somewhere. Whether it is a paid or nonpaid internship the experience will be very helpful when trying to find a job.

Pamela Gribben

Pamela McNicholas

1994: Environmental Analysis and Planning/Biology

5 Milkwood Court
Owings Mills, MD 21117
email:  (410)902-9303

McCormick, Taylor and Associates 

Meadow Mill at Woodberry
3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 350
Baltimore, MD 21211

Title:  Environmental Planner/Scientist

I am currently employed as an Environmental Planner/Scientist for a Transportation Engineering/Environmental firm. I have been in the consulting field since I graduated, in 1994. Our primary clients are State Transportation agencies, such as the Maryland State Highway Administration. Since I've graduated, I have been exposed to many types of projects/assignments. My experience includes wetland delineation/functional assessment, wetland mitigation site selection/mitigation design, preparation of federal/state wetland permit applications (401/404), biological assessments, stream assessment/restoration and NEPA documentation (Categorical exclusions, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, etc). 

I received my MS degree from Johns Hopkins University, in 1999. I am also a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) with the Society of Wetland Scientists.


Donald E. Lipscomb Jr
Major/Minor: Geography/Cartography

424 Meadow Rd
Baltimore, MD 21206
phone: 410-663-3467

Employer/Graduate School: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Title: Cartographer
1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD

I am responsible for the updating and maintaining the nautical and navigational information of charts of the US coastal waters.

Words of Wisdom: If you have a chance for an internship, take it. It gives you a foot in the door for a solid job after graduation. Also don't be afraid of contract jobs, they can lead to a permanent position with the contract company. And never stop expanding your horizons with programs offered
by the company, even if it is not really related to your job. It makes you look better in the long run.

John Lynch

1832 Battery Lane
Owings, Md, 20736

EMPLOY: Maryland Department of the Environment
Work - Annapolis, Md
TITLE: Environmental Specialist
Description: All outside, all the time. Assessment of Maryland's impaired surface waters by boat or waders to determine Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) of constituents that would restore a healthy system.
OTHER: Still racing bicycles and motorcycles.

John W Mitchell III

ADDRESS1: 10313 Butternut Circle
ADDRESS3: Manassas, Virginia, 20110
PHONE: 703-330-9962
EMPLOY-GRADSCHOOL: Prince William County Government
W-SADDRESS1: 5 County Complex #140
W-SADDRESS3: Prince William, Virginia, 22192
TITLE: GIS Application Developer
POSITIONDESC: Lead ArcObjects developer for the Office of Information Technology GIS Division.
WISDOM: Cartography and Information Technology seem to converge more every year so getting a well rounded background in Computer Programming and/or Database Management will really help you to stand out in the crowd...


Class of 1995

Stan Beach  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)


Employer: National Geospatial-Inteliigence Agency (formerly NIMA)
Title: Imagery Analyst

I was hired by CIA to work at NIMA. I use national technical means to analyze a variety of intelligence issues. I have worked on the South Asian ground forces; I also did Indications and Warning work for a couple of years on worldwide Naval and WMD issues. Right now I analyze imagery for foreign developments in directed energy weapons and electrodynamic kinetic energy weapons.

Wisdom: I followed an interesting road to my current position. GIS and mapping can be a rough road to follow: lots of hours and low pay. Learn what you can and be prepared to move on. Stay focused on where you want to go and don't get mired down. I made tactical maps at Greenhorne and O'Mara for 3 1/2 years and should have left a lot sooner. Don't let them burn you out!
other: Love my job! NIMA (now NGA) hires right out of college, so check out You can email me at either address listed above if you want more info!

Dana Hudson   (Environmental Planing & Analysis)


Hello Frostburg Geography Department, Wow, it sure is wonderful that I can communicate with the third floor of Dunkle via E-mail. I hope everyone is doing well and please send my regards around the department. I heard that an alumni list or directory was in the process of being organized and would like to contribute my two cents.

Okay, time for "What I've been doing since Frostburg...".

After graduation in the Spring of 1995, I traveled to Oregon through the Student Conservation Association and the Bureau of Land Management, DOI. I spent three months in the amazing eastern Oregon desert working on remote water quality field work. During the fall of 1995, I found myself as an environmental education instructor in South Carolina through Clemson State University Cooperative Extension Service. I taught classes in water quality, soil ecology, forest ecology and wildlife habitats to 4th-8th graders in an outdoor classroom environment. I lived on beautiful Lake Marion and every morning watched Althea, an amazing white egret, catching her breakfast. The spring of 1996 was a time of another move to the west coast. I taught at another environmental education center, this one in the San Bernadino National Forest area in the San Jacinto Mountains. This curriculum was a bit more rigorous, with a deeper physics and life science core. I also taught many outdoor adventure classes, including rock climbing, camping, high and low ropes challenges, hiking and astronomy/telescopes. These six months are thus far my favorite since graduation. From the summer of 1996 'til now I have been in Austin, Texas, working as an AmeriCorps Volunteer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on numerous biological and environmental research projects. I have mapped the aquatic vegetation of the San Marcos River with the use of GPS and processed the data with a GIS. Other projects that I have an active role in are the biological sampling and hydrological surveys of the San Marcos and Comal Rivers, endangered and threatened species research and public education, and natural history collections. So, overall, I have been a fairly busy person. I have tried to explore all the job possibilities in my field while enjoying a lot of travel and personal growth. I hope to be in graduate school by the fall of 1997. If any current students want to know more about some of the programs that I have worked with, please pass my name and email address along. There are a lot of great and interesting opportunities and projects being worked on. Well, I wish you all the best and will see you on the web!


Kevin L. Jett   (Geography/Urban Planning, minor Economics)

Bel Air, Maryland
Phone: (410) 569-1025

Employer:National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring, Maryland 21009
Phone: (301) 713-2714 x136

I majored in Geography with a concentration in Urban Planning, and a minor in Economics. I am currently employed as a nautical cartographer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington D.C. I am responsible for the update and revision of digital nautical charts, and the application of both topographic and hydrographic surveys to those charts. I evaluate source letters and blueprints from the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and apply new information to the charts that are affected. Ninety-percent of my work is on my PC workstation using both Microstation and IRAS/B programs. The system is a GIS based platform where each color that is represented on the chart is assigned it's own layer, and layers are modified as needed. Here is some information about myself that I have included for the Geography Alumni Web Page. Words of Wisdom:
Take the GIS and Computer Mapping and Graphing courses that are offered, even if they are only electives for your concentration. I was an Urban Planning Major and am now working as a cartographer and with GIS systems. These look excellent on a resume and are a tremendous asset to possess.

Mike Przybocki  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)
Waldorf, MD 20601

Employer: D.H. Steffens Co.
317 Charles Street
P.O. Box 1709
La Plata, MD 20646

I am now one month into my new job with D.H. Steffens Co. in Charles County, MD. As a Frostburg State graduate, I am not alone there. Out of 40 employees, four of us are graduates from Frostburg. I have been hired as an engineer and am looking forward to working toward an engineering degree. Throughout the last month I have completed a drainage analysis package for a proposed subdivision. I am currently working on a gravity sewer design for the same subdivision. I love the work with CAD, learning all the new software, and my field work. The company is expanding rapidly and is currently looking to hire one or two more engineers. I thought that there may be another F.S.U. grad interested.
If anyone out there wants to know more, let them know that I can be reached at.....

James Sines  (Environmental Analysis and Planning major, Geography & Biology minors)

Baltimore, MD
(410) 335-2959

Employer: Datanet Engineering Inc.
6334 Dogwood Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21207
(410) 944-3600

Hello, my name is James Sines and I'm a Fall 1995 graduate from Frostburg State University. I majored in Environmental Analysis & Planning and also received minors in Geography and Biology. Currently, I am working at DATANET ENGINEERING located in Baltimore, MD. My company specializes in a variety of areas. They are Cathodic Protection, Industrial Coatings, Lead & Asbestos, and Site Analysis. I am receiving experience in all areas. My current project consists of inspecting/ overseeing the painting of a water tank. Since Datanet writes the specifications for the project, I make sure they are followed. Some work I have done that is related to my major include surveying, making site plans, and soil gas surveys. I also dealt with Wetlands regulations. Last but not least, the writing of major reports is unavoidable. My future goal is to continue my education and receive my Engineering Degree. If anyone is interested to know more about my work please contact me.

Scott J. Spencer  (Geography/Urban Planning and Economics  -- double major)

Home: Poolesville, MD
Personal email:

Work:  USAF Office of the Civil Engineer
Title: Community Planner
Work email:
1260 Air Force Pentagon
Rm 4C1057
Washington DC 20330-1260

I spent my first 10 years as a contractor working for two different A/E firms where I specialized in military and federal planning projects.  While there I worked on various planning projects to include studies for the creation of the Marine Corps Museum and master plans for sites in the Middle East.  After 10 years as a contractor I took a Civil Service job as the Community Planner for Andrews Air Force Base, MD.  I am currently a Community Planner at Headquarters Air Force in the Pentagon working out of the Office of the Civil Engineer.

Working as a Community Planner for the Military is very infrastructure specific as you not only develop land use plans but you are also analyzing future facility requirements needed to support the mission of the installation.  That could include everything from appropriate office space and family housing to aircraft apron space and munitions storage.  In addition Community Planners on installations often play a key role in interacting with outside the base Planners in regards to development off and on base and the impacts both cause in terms of encroachment.

In my current role I help to provide policy and guidance to installations regarding planning issues.  I also manage the Air Force Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative (REPI) Program which is a program where the Service partners with entities like The Nature Conservancy to purchase lands around installation to prevent encroachment providing a buffer to our missions.  These lands often have secondary benefits like the protection of Threatened and Endangered Species.  An example of this happened near Vandenberg AFV where we partnered with several conservation groups to protect 800 acres that included 20 miles of pristine wild coastal dunes at Point Sal and Paradise Beach (

For new grads, there are lots of opportunities for Planners within the Federal workforce so please be sure to check out  Also the Air Force often hires new graduates as part of the Palace Acquire (PAQ) Program (  I have been the supervisor for a PAQ intern and I have also worked career fairs for the PAQ program at the University of MD. 

On the personal side I recently married my wife Rebecca in the summer of 2012.  We built a new home in Poolesville MD, where we both grew up, and we are raising our four kids there.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about Civil Service employment or the PAQ program.  Good luck!

Danny Welsch  (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

Employer: Canaan Valley Institute
Thomas, WV
Title: Research Development Manager

I hope this note finds all fellow alumni future alumni doing well. Jodi German (education, 1995) and I were married on July 20, 1996. After the wedding we moved to Syracuse, NY where I attended the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  I completed my M.S. degree in June 1999 with a thesis enTitled "Relationships Between Topography and Chemistry in Subsurface Stormflow."  I focused on soil water interactions and GIS.  While attending school at Syracuse, I worked part time for the Natural Resources Conservation Service office.  I Graduated from the Ph.D. program in the Environmental Sciences Department at the University of Virginia.  I studied how topography affects the nitrogen biogeochemistry of water in a small headwater catchment in the Shenandoah National Park. I am now working at the Canaan Valley Institue, a nonprofit, non-advocacy organization that helps organizations identify, solve, and implement solutions to serious water issues impacting their daily lives.   Feel free to drop me a line at  

Michael Watkins  (Geography/Urban Planning)

Germantown, MD
Phone: (301) 972-1926

I'm a member of the class of 1995, with a B.S. in Geography, conc. in Urban Planning. I attended Frostburg from Jan. 1993 to May 1995, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Since graduation I've held a few positions related to Planning. I completed an internship at The Maryland National-Capital Park and Planning Position. I worked with master plans with staff from transportation, community planning, and design divisions. I had a paying position as a Planning Assistant II, working with the Montgomery County Places of Worship Survey, also with MNCPPC. And I was also a GIS Analyst, working with MNCPPC'c MC Maps project. As an analyst, I performed quality control on over 200 planimetric and topographic 1:200 scale maps, using ARC/INFO ARCView and AutoCADD.
I'm currently employed with Walter L. Phillips Inc. doing CAD work with site plans.
Advice: Make sure that you take GIS!! Vitally important, and an asset in finding a position in planning. Make sure that you have some programming experience if you plan to go into GIS as a career. It's tough to get hired without it! Also network with as many Planners as Possible! Do an internship!!


Class of 1996

Mike Norton

ADDRESS: Ellicott City, MD
EMPLOY: Haines Land Design LLC
W-SADDRESS: Gaithersburg, MD
TITLE: Landscape Architect / Environmental Planner
POSITIONDESC: I am a Partner at HLD LLC. I prepare everything from forest inventories and wetland delineations to urban landscape design and site development with a sensitivity toward the natural environment.
WISDOM: Take it all in! EVAP is the best undergrad program that exists!

Kevin G. Wagner

gradyear = 1996
majorminor = Environmental Analysis & Planning/Biology
Employment = Maryland Dept. of the Enironment
w-semail =
work Montgomery Park Business Center
1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 540
Frostburg, MD
w-szip = 21230-1718
title = Data Processing Analyst (GIS)
positiondesc = Wow, where do I begin? So much has happened since my days at the burg. After graduating in '96, I started working with a civil engineering firm in Pasadena, MD. I was involved in many different things on the environmental side of land development including wetland delineations, forest stand delineations, water quality monitoring, wetland mitigation site monitoring, GIS and surveying. Yeah, you heard me correctly... surveying. During the slow times in the environmental department, I went out with the survey crews to assist with various types of surveys including construction stakeout. The surveying course I took at Frostburg turned out to be of real importance. Thanks Dr. Duckson! I'll never forget the quote Dr. Duckson said when teaching us about surveyors' liability, "Cover your ass, don't get sued!" That statement rings true for so many professions. :)

In 2000, I began working with MDE in the Flood Mitigation Division in Baltimore. I was brought on to survey repetitively flooded properties in Maryland using an RTK GPS and gather data. I compiled the data in GIS and shared it with local governments to included in their hazard mitigation plans.

I have coordinated flood mitigation grants throughout that address areas prone to flooding (a lot of the same areas as the repetitive flood losses). This has required me to be effective in communicating with various government entities and has even taken me to Annapolis on several occasions to request funding from the state Board of Public Works. It's kind of scary to stand before the Governor, Comptroller and Treasurer to answer questions about a project and ask for money, so be sure to practice your oral presentation skills, they'll definitely come in handy later on.

Currently, I work with various groups in the department and provide GIS mapping support. I often run into fellow Frostburg alums who now work for county government or private consultants, so your never alone out there!
wisdom = I know after you graduate you're feeling larger then life and ready to take on any challenge... I think that's great, but don't let your head get too big. When I entered the job market in '97, I learned just how little I actually knew. While Frostburg does an excellent job in preparing you and providing you with the basic knowledge and principals you will need, you'll still find that you'll need to take additional coursework and constantly improve yourself to be competitive. The learning process never ends.

I suggest joining a professional organization such as the Maryland Society of Surveyors, the American Planning Association, the Association of State Floodplain Managers, the Association of State Wetland Managers or the Maryland Water Monitoring Council to name a few. Also, take additional courses to further your knowledge and get certified in as many things as possible (DNR Qualified Professional in forest conservation, wetland delineation, GIS, surveying, etc.).

Do this and I guarantee you that employers will take a second look at your resume.

Good luck!
other = -Got married in 2001. We have two cats, Buddy and Tiger.
-Bought a lot in Frostburg in '04 and hope to start construction and permanently move there in '06 (provided we can work out the job thing... minor details)



Class of 1997

Christine Krell

gradyear: 1997
majorminor: Urban Planning/Sociology
address1: 5014 Erika Place
Port Republic, Maryland, 20676
employ-gradschool: Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc. work-saddress1: 401 Post Office Road
Suite 103
Waldorf, Maryland,20602
title: Planner positiondesc: I do everything from Land Use Feasibility Studies to counting parking spaces, to Large overall General Development Plans of office parks, to single family site plans.
wisdom: Enjoy school while you are there, because you have to get up very early in the morning in the real world! I got a lot out of my time at Frostburg, including a Degree, as well as friends that will last me a lifetime! other: Alpha Xi Delta


Heather R. Reesey
Graduated 12/97
Environmental Analysis and Planning

Just started at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I am in the beginnings of a Master's in Marine Science and currently have a Teaching  Assistantship for Physical Geography.  Soon, I will be doing research on the application of dredge spoil to healthy and degraded marshes off the coast of southern NC.  So far, the program is seems great and encourage anyone who is interested in coastal conservation to look into the Master's of Marine Science Program here.  Besides, the beach is beautiful!!  The department is rapidly growing.  Thanks to the efforts of the Frostburg faculty for helping me get here.
Heather R. Reesey


Michael Godesky
Earth Science
Employer/Graduate School: Dewberry & Davis LLC- Engineering Section Leader
Fairfax, VA 22031

738 South 19th Street
Arlington, VA
phone: 703-892-8458

Basically, I've recently been promoted to a position where I oversee the day to day production and maintenance of Flood maps for New England. My company (in the DC area) is a contractor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and we help produce flood studies for the Flood Insurance Program. I had a real technical advantage when I started here because of some of the courses I took at FSU. I was weeks ahead of other graduates from much bigger programs.

Words of Wisdom: GIS is becoming more and more important. Take in as much as you can.

Looking for a job? Seniors? Alumni? This is a pretty big company involved in a lot of things. I'm in a pretty good position to get resumes seen here. We don't recruit too much in Frostburg so feel free to email me if you need some information.

Kevin Hodson
Major/Minor: Geography/Urban Planning

11872 Dunlop Ct
Reston, VA 20191
phone: 703-605-4694


Employer/Graduate School: ESRI
Title: Technical Analyst
Boulder CO

I'm an on site technical representative for ESRI currently on contract with the Forest Service. It's my job to integrate ESRI GIS products into the Forest Service computing environment.

Words of Wisdom: Take a course in GIS.

Todd Grote

Major/Minor: Environmental Analysis and Planning/Biology
330 Jefferson St.
Meadville, PA, 16335
EMAIL: PHONE: 814-332-2872
EMPLOYER: Allegheny College Department of Geology
W-SADDRESS1: 520 N. Main St.
Meadville, PA ,16335
TITLE: Visiting Assistant Professor
POSITIONDESC: I currently am teaching a variety of undergraduate classes at Allegheny College in northwestern Pennsylvania. Some of the courses I teach include Physical Geology, Environmental Geology, Geomorphology, and North America After the Ice Age. Prior to returning to school to complete a doctoral degree I was employed as an environmental consultant and was involved in projects ranging from water supply development to soil suitablity studies for engineering and land development purposes.
WISDOM: Words of the modern consulting realm, GIS and other spatial/quantitative analysis skills are highly desirable and can make the difference in hiring. If you are thinking about graduate school, again try to take at least one GIS and one field methods course.

Former at Advanced Land and Water Inc.
Title: Staff Hydrogeologist
Sykesville, MD 21784

Most any aspect of water well siting, drilling, exploration, permitting and testing. Surface and ground water water quality studies, Ground water modeling. Phase I and II Environmental Site assessments...

Words of Wisdom:If they are interested in water resources, pay attention to math and physics.

Roger Kitzmiller

gradyear: 1997
majorminor: Environmental Analysis and Planning<br>

address1: 628 Boy Scout Road
Oakland, Maryland,21550
phone: (301) 387-9258
employ: Maryland Department of Agriculture
w-saddress1: 1916 Maryland Highway, Suite "C"
Mountain Lake Park, Maryland, 21550
title: Soil Conservation Planner
positiondesc: Develop Soil Conservation and Water Quality Plans in cooperation with farmers. Use ArcView/GIS to delineate land use, calculate acreage, and develop maps of properties. Use RUSLE (Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation) as well as other soil data to evaluate soil loss. Use AutoCAD/Softdesk to design waste storge facilities, develop trough profiles, and for other design work.
wisdom: Delve as deeply as possible into as many areas of study as you can. Also, get all of the hands-on experience you can. Knowledge and experience are the keys that will unlock many doors.<br>


Cameron Weimar
Major/Minor: Geography
gradyear: Dec 1997

36 East Range
Charlottesville 22903
phone: 804.243.2322

Employer/Graduate School: University of Virginia
Title: Teaching Assistant

I am in my 2nd and final year of a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning. UVa's program is unique in that we merge urban and environmental issues in one department. I was a TA with Dr. Tim Beatley, whose work on sustainability includes the books Ecology of Place and Green Urbanism. I recommend the program here for folks interested in sustainable design. Our department is part of the School of Architecture, so we are exposed to the design field and have opportunities to take studio classes (this semester's planning studio was Transit-Oriented Development) Exciting stuff!

Words of Wisdom: I wish you well in all of your endeavors. There are a lot of places to go with a Geography degree, it is such a broad field of study.


Class of 1998

Warren Campbell

Graduated: Spring 1998

4923 Lake Creek Village Drive
Edwards, CO
phone: 970-479-2452

Employer/Graduate School: Town of Vail
75 South Frontage Road
Vail, CO 81657
Title: Planner II

After graduation with a Masters in Urban Planning from The University of Tennessee I went to work for Dublin Ohio for two years. I recent started as a Planner for the Town of Vail. My duties include the review of sign and building permits for compliance with the zoning code and drafting staff reports. I then present them at public meetings. In addition, I work with the public daily to navigate the construction and review process here in Vail.

Words of Wisdom: Get a Masters it opens many more doors.

Jessica A. Keller
Graduated 1998
2718 Dillon Street
Baltimore, MD
PHONE: 410-396-6856
City of Baltimore
417 E. Fayette Street, Ste 554
Baltimore, MD 21202
TITLE: Chief of Transportation Planning
POSITIONDESC: A transportation policy and planning management professional serving Department of transportation for the City of Baltimore. I have spent over 10 years working as a transportation policy and planning leader for the Baltimore City metropolitan area, and I have extensive experience providing urban planning advice and guidance to senior personnel. In this capacity, I have been responsible for overseeing the entire planning section and leading the agency in identifying transportation plans and policies designed to improve mobility throughout the city in support of the Mayor's vision to build a Cleaner, Greener, Safer, and Healthier Baltimore. I have also been an active liaison between the City administration and private industry – soliciting industry opinions on transportation policy strategy and long term transportation planning. In early 2008, I led the City of Baltimore DOT in the creation of its leg of the Baltimore City Sustainability Plan. DOT Planning identified five goals that would help achieve the Mayor's vision: improve public transit services, make Baltimore bicycle and pedestrian friendly, facilitate shared vehicle usage, measure and improve the equity of transportation, and increase transportation funding for sustainable modes of travel.
WISDOM: Frostburg provided a solid foundation to develop my skills in any direction I chose.

Sean Triplett
Major/Minor: Geography/History
National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
3833 South Development Ave
Boise, Id 83705


Employer/Graduate School: U.S. Forest Service Fire & Aviation
Title: Geospatial Coordinator
National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
3833 South Development Ave
Boise, Id 83705

Sean had worked for as the GIS Specialist for the BureauLand Management/Alaska Fire Service. The Alaska Fire Service (AFS) a division of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)was created to fight fires on all Federal within Alaska and provide emergency support for Alaska during times of crisis. My position with AFS is to provide GIS support & analysis for fire suppression, mapping, and emergency response for the state of Alaska. This includes the integration of weather forecast, moisture levels of soils, vegetation, and other factors that effect the behavior of a fire. We also determine the location of valuable resources which may be affected by the fire so that they can be defended. I also assist the Bureau of Land Management in several resource areas, including GISsupport for the North Slope Oil Fields. The position is great, I get to travel to remote Alaskan villages, provide on site assistance to major fires and emergency situations, and assist the National Interagency Fire Center during severe fire seasons. Yes it is cold up here in the winter, but the Northern Lights are beautiful.
Fighting fires all over Alaska and the Lower 48. Still getting out on the fire line and when I am in the office I have become more of a Remote Sensing user than GIS lately. Amazing how much the commercial satellite industry has grown.

Words of Wisdom: Get involved in everything you can. There is more to life than the classroom.

other: Make a trip up. You can see Mt. Denali looming to the south on most days!


Class of 1999

Tonya Buckmaster 

majorminor: EVAP

Employ:: Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining
w-saddress1: 1999 Broadway, Suite 3320
Denver, Colorado, 80202
title: Physical Scientist positiondesc: I work on a variety of projects ranging from abandoned to active coal mine sites in the western United States. Specifically, I am a project manager in the Abandoned Mine Lands Program, which handles the reclamation of abandoned coal mine sites. This includes projects as small as sealing shafts and portals, to large area projects like reclaiming burning refuse piles. Our office also permits several active mines in the west, and we perform oversight for many state programs. That is a whole different aspect to coal mining, but definitely an interesting one. I work on several teams that perform these functions, and we interact with the state programs and mine operators very closely. My job is never dull!! Lots of travel, interesting people, and great things to experience! What more can I say, except working at the base of the Rockies makes it even better!!
wisdom: Don't let classes consume your life. After a few years, you won't remember specific papers and tests, but the things you learned and experienced, people you met, and friends you made! other:

At General Physics my basic job responsibilities are to: conduct field sampling projects for soil, surface water, groundwater, etc.., prepare data reports, annual reports, and feasibility studies for different areas within the Proving Grounds. I am also involved in generating maps using Microstation and Surfer, as well as different graphics with CorelDraw. Furthermore, I am currently logging over 300 soils that we collected some time ago. Almost every class that I took in the program at Frostburg has helped me some way within my job. Environmental Planning and Law are directly associated with the CERCLA work that we are involved in. Spatial Analysis was a great class for the reports that I am writing now. The soils classes prepared me for soil classification, and geology classes helped me with the issues at work with aquifers and the creation of contour maps. Later in the year we will be working on grading at a landfill on post and the engineering classes have prepared me for that. I could go on and on, but basically all of my classes are essential to my work here. I hope that isn't too much, but the program at Frostburg was excellent at preparing me for my job.

Tim Forrester 

Environmental Analysis and Planning 

PO BOX 224
Bath, ME 04530
(207) 443-2629

I just moved into a new house. It's a double long log cabin on a three acre wooded island, on the Kennebec River. It's a big place and requires lots of wood to heat. So I've spent all my free time cuttin', splitin' and stackin' 4 cords of wood.

My job description:
ECO-ANALYSTS,INC. is a small environmental consulting company, only 5 employee's including myself. I was the first person to be hired in 15 years.
I was hired as a Biologist, (the boss liked my independent study project and thought I was an interesting guy.)

Here are some of the projects I've been working on:
I started out working on a FERC relicensing project for Florida Power and Light, they own Harris Station Dam at the head waters of the Kennebec River. We (EA) developed a study plan for Trout and Salmon species below the dam. Part of the project involved electro-fishing, tagging with transmitters(first we had to catch them, I prefer the fly-rod method), and diving this fall to find spawning beds. As part of our work, I would have to White water raft, Kayak, and fly in a pontoon plane to get into remote locations and track fish.(sounds rough, doesn't it!) Actually, it was a lot of hard work.

I've been doing Wetland delineations for many small projects (Tom's of Maine, Johnny's Select Seeds and (rich summer people that want to see the water from their bedrooms.)
I have talked the boss into expanding EA's list of services to incorporate GPS data. I took a class at Maine Tech. Source and learned how to operate the Tremble XR Pro data logger and the Pathfinder Software that comes with it. Now we map our own wetland boundaries and I've established job security, cause I'm the only one here that know's how to use it!!!
We also, picked up a version of AutoCad lt98. I've made templates for all our mapped information and we are able to produce more information about a job.
I just finished a report to the DEP for a VRAP (voluntary release of liability). It was kind of like a phase one.

This week I spent all day in cellars, collecting water samples from water filter systems. A women in South Thomaston had her oil tank fall over and contaminate the entire neighborhood. If you ever go to South Thomaston don't drink the water!)

Also, this summer we worked on Coastal fish habitat impacts from pulp and paper companies. That was real fun, we would race up the coast in the bosses 35 ft sport fisher' and go diving at the site.

We are monitoring wetland impacts from Ice activity on Moosehead lake. I GPS'ed 8 wetlands and this winter we will go back on snow mobiles and collect more data. In the spring when the Ice goes out, the entire site gets reworked. So I'll try to map the same features and see what's happing. In the end we hope to identify the best lake level to avoid wetland destruction...
Well it may sound like a ton of fun, and it is. But, I've worked real hard and in some nasty weather. Such as: last week it was 30'F and freezing rain. Mapping a wetland and having the buttons and monitor freeze up on the GPS was no fun. In early October it was below 30'F on Moosehead and snowing while we went across the lake (3-4 foot waves) in a 16 ft tin boat. The end result was cold and wet!!!

I could go on with the worst tragedy of them all, but the best way to describe it would be, we really know how to raise bloodsucking killer bugs in this state!

Matt Habersack

gradyear: 1999

Major/Minor: EVAP

212 Ascot Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24060


phone: 540-961-0681

Employer/Graduate School: Virginia Tech


201 Seitz Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Title: Graduate Student

Currently working on obtaining my Masters in Biological Systems Engineering. My thesis project is a joint project with the University of Maryland involving pollution from poultry litter storage methods. In order to accomplish this we will be monitoring both surface and leachate flows from litter piles to determine the amounts of nutrients and pathogens lost. I am also working on other projects such as the Virginia Farm*A*Syst program to develop an assessment program which is easier for farmers to use.

wisdom: For those of you considering continuing with your education, I would highly recommend it. My experience here at Virginia Tech has been very positive, although sometimes challenging due to the remedial engineering courses required along with graduate courses. Get all the math courses you can as an undergrad, even if they are not required for graduation. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in Virginia Tech.

  Christopher Herbert

12023 Smithfield Farm Lane
Hagerstown, MD 21740
PHONE: 301-988-3088
MD Department of Agriculture
Work DDRESS Washington County Soil Conservation District
1260 Maryland Avenue, Suite 101
Hagerstown, MD, 21740
TITLE: Soil Conservation Associate
I survey and design best management practices (bmps) on farms. From pressure fed watering troughs to complex manure storage facilities, we can design it all with the engineering guidance of the USDA-NRCS. I am also involved in helping farmers receive state and federal cost share monies to install these bmps from the application process to the final claim for payment stage. The ag industry is hurting and getting the farmers even a little cost share is a huge help.
WISDOM: Experience always helps get your foot in the door, even if it means contractual work at first. Never turn down an opportunity and put your heart and mind into everything you do.
OTHER: I currently shoot pool on a league and enjoy riding my atv. I also enjoy going to and taking my antique riding mowers to tractor shows throughout the area.

Stacy Talmadge

Environmental Analysis and Planning

3710 Young Road
Millers, MD 21102
phone: (410) 785-7220

URS Greiner Woodward Clyde
Title: Airports Environmental Planner
4 North Park Drive
Suite 300
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Complete field investigations for Airport improvements to minimize Environmental impacts. I have traveled a bit across the United States to several Airports and attended a wetland Training Course in Annapolis and a Noise and Air Quality seminar in San Diego, CA.

For any students interested in a job in the Baltimore, MD area, contact me, my company is always hiring. We need all sorts of experience i.e. computers, environmental, and planning. Make sure you do not settle for the first available position in the field you are interested in, many early grads sell themselves short! Good luck!

Chad Bittinger
Major/Minor: Geography

608 Pensinger Blvd
Oakland, MD 21550

Employer/Graduate School: First United Bank & Trust
Title: Technical Support Specialist
P.O. Box 9
Oakland, MD 21550

I work in the Management Informations Systems (MIS) department. Myself and 2 others support over 400 pc's @ 26 different locations through out western Maryland and West Virginia for the bank. We do everything from designing and installing the network to building countless PC's and Server's to installing a simple monitor. It's always changing. I love my job because it provides a challenge every day to fix such a wide variety problems. You never have to worry about getting bored or even slow for that matter.

Words of Wisdom: Always keep all your options open, never just assume "what you are going to do" I worked at an engineering company (surveying & CADD) for 2 years during and after my final year @ FSU and thought that I would work in that field or a related one, but I stumbled across this opening and haven't regretted it yet. Basically, always keep all your options open and don't be afraid to try something new, it can only help you in the long run.

Other: I also having started a small business on the side building cabinets and other pieces of furniture, which is great stress relief after listening to peoples problems all day.

Matt Habersack
Major/Minor: EVAP

212 Ascot Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24060
phone: 540-961-0681

Employer/Graduate School: Virginia Tech
Title: Graduate Student
201 Seitz Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
w-semail: I am currently working on obtaining my Masters in Biological Systems Engineering. My thesis project is a joint project with the University of Maryland involving pollution from poultry litter storage methods. In order to accomplish this we will be monitoring both surface and leachate flows from litter piles to determine the amounts of nutrients and pathogens lost. I am also working on other projects such as the Virginia Farm*A*Syst program to develop an assessment program which is
easier for farmers to use.

Words of Wisdom: For those of you considering continuing with your education, I would highly recommend it. My experience here at Virginia Tech has been very positive, although sometimes challenging due to the remedial engineering courses required along with graduate courses. Get all the math courses you can as an undergrad, even if they are not required for graduation. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in Virginia Tech.


Class of 2000

Todd Grubb
gradyear: 2000
majorminor: Earth science
address1: p.o. box 209
Whiteford, MD 21160
phone: 410-937-0203
employ: HCPS
w-saddress1: 251 paradice RD.
Aberdeen, MD 21001
title: Earth Science Teacher


Eric Jewell
MAJORMINOR: Geography/Theater/Minor Business
Hamilton, Virginia, 20158
PHONE: 703-777-0538
EMPLOY County of Loudoun, VA
1 Harrison Street S.E.
P.O. Box 7000
Leesburg, Virginia, 20177
TITLE: Planner III
POSITIONDESC: I'm a senior planner in the Planning Division (about 21 people) of the Department of Building and Development. Our division mostly handles the development end of the process. Mostly subdivision review. We do lots of coordination with other departments and agencies and spend lots of time finding ways to make conceptual plans that were approved at rezonings meet the actual ordinance requirements (or making the developers go back for new rezonings). We aren't the zoning division, but we do A LOT of zoning related review. We also occasionally have projects that require public hearings and/or presentations to various boards/commissions/committees. We're one of the fastest growing counties in the US, so we always have lots of work and new projects- even now with the downturn in housing.
WISDOM: Do some kind of internship so that you have some job experience. Not only will it be good for you and give you an idea of what you might or might not like to do, but it may be the difference between someone in HR forwarding your application to the hiring department versus throwing your application away.
OTHER: I'm about to have twins!!!!!!!!!! I just started subdivision review of a rezoning that was just approved that at build out will have 1100 residential units, 4.5 million Sq' of office/retail, and a world trade center site/international free trade zone site- all on 350 acres.

Brian Wesley Ryder

Grad. Year: Spring 2000

Major/Minor: Geography-Urban

Employer: Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, LLP

Title: Project Planner
WBCM's Planning Department develops comprehensive plans, Main Street revitalization plans and land use plans for various communities in Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I create these plans through my research of the community, past planning efforts and the application of planning and design techniques.

Wisdom: Once out in the working world, you will find that everything you learned in college prepared you for that moment.


Class of 2001

Jennifer Babish married name Jennifer Martin
Major: EVAP
7944 Clark Station Road
Severn 21144
Employer: McCormick Taylor, Inc.
509 S. Exeter Street, 4th Floor
Baltimore, MD, 21202
TITLE: Environmental Specialist
WISDOM: For EVAP majors, pay attention in Plant Taxonomy!!

Shawn Gaver
Major/Minor Environmental Analysis & Planning/Biology
2016 18th St
Apt A
Santa Monica, CA, 90404
PHONE: 623-221-0544
EMPLOYER: Christopher A. Joseph & Associates
11849 W. Olympic Blvd.
Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA, 90064
TITLE: Senior Environmental Planner
POSITIONDESC: Prepare environmental documentation pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for public and private development projects.
WISDOM: The Environmental Analysis & Planning program is top notch and excels in preparing students for the challenges of working in many areas of the environmental field. The work may seem challenging at times, but the lessons you take away from the program will be fully utilized and appreciated in time...I promise.

Jamie Leisch
MAJORMINOR: Geography: Concentration in the Mapping Sciences
State of Untah -- Automated Geographic Reference Center
Salt Lake City, UT
Provide digital data to sub-contractors who create a more accurate flood insurance rate maps for FEMA. Work on new layers for SDE. GPS-ing roads to update E911 and addressing for E911.

J. Stephen McClung Jr.
MAJORMINOR: Geography (Urban Planning)/Environmental Humanities
PHONE: 443-829-0571
U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center
B451, 400 Colleran Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, 21005
TITLE: Chief, Sustainment Branch
POSITIONDESC: Currently serve as the Sustainment Branch Chief in the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center's (ATC) Homeland Defense and Sustainment Division. Responsible for the supervision of a diverse workforce engaged in the planning, execution and reporting of innovative technology test and evaluation programs in the areas of homeland defense, range sustainment, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection and discrimination, military environmental technology, weapon system survivability/lethality, and fire suppression. Currently partnered with a vast cross section of Department of Defense, private industry and academia customers. Prior to this appointment, served for seven years as lead contract (Jacobs Engineering) scientist within the Compliance and Conservation Team of ATC's Environmental Division. Principal contract planner, analyst and advisor on matters pertaining to multi-media environmental compliance for military construction projects and test, evaluation and training missions. Provided multi-faceted Environmental Planning support to the US Army's Test and Evaluation Program at ATC. Performed a wide variety of technical and project management duties to support complicated, politically sensitive and high cost projects. Served as a Liaison/Point of Contact between ATC and several State and Federal Regulatory agencies and various military Commands. Managed several ATC natural resources programs (wetlands, forests, wildlife, etc.). Responsible for application, tracking, and completion of various environmental permits. Responsible for ATC compliance with the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Act, and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring and reporting of Special Warfare training exercises at ATC from initial concept through execution. Responsible for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation preparation and tracking and Sediment and Erosion Control regulations compliance.
WISDOM: The well rounded background afforded to me through my geography BS has opened many doors thus far in my career. I took it rather lightly as a student but now realize how truly important education is to success. Take it seriously and achieve to the best of your abilities - don't just settle for what's good enough.
OTHER: Currently pursuing MS in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Pamela Entwistle (Pamela Mock)
MAJORMINOR: Geography: Concentration in the Mapping Sciences
Greenhorne & O'Mare
Greenbelt, MD
TITLE: Senior GIS Specialist
The biggest project in which I am involved is with FEMA specifically, the creation of maps for the National Flood Insurance Program. I scan (sometimes very old maps), rectify, and digitize a variety of maps to support FEMA projects. I also run various engineering models and then incorporate the data into a geodatabase which will eventually become mapped. Other projects I have worked on include an archeology project of a historic plantation in Prince Georges County and potential hazardous waste dumping sites that surround the Maryland portion of the I-495 beltway.

Greg Miller
Major/Minor: Geography

230 S. Commerce Ave. Apt. #7
Sebring, Florida 33870

Employer/Graduate School: Highlands County Board of County Commissioners
Title: GIS Operator
600 S. Commerce Ave.
Sebring, Florida 33870

I am currently working on a project involving creating a master GIS street and address layer for Highlands County, Florida. I am employed by 911 services and our main goal is to eliminate all duplicate street names within the county and standardize the numbering system where applicable.

Words of Wisdom: Even though most people think a geography degree is relatively worthless
when entering the field of work it is useful in any career you choose.


Scott "Shaggy" Moody
Major/Minor: Geography (Urban Planning)

10924 Two Sisters Lane
Dunkirk, MD 20754

Employer/Graduate School: Calvert County Government
Title: Planner I (Non-Critical Area or NCA)
Department of Planning & Zoning
150 Main Street
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

position description:
-review of all residential building, sign, and home occupation permits within the NCA.
-project specific CADD work.
-zoning enforcement
-user support for our new permit tracking system called Hansen.
-newly acclaimed "resident computer guy."

Words of Wisdom:
Have as much fun as you can while you're in school (Even if some say it is too much fun! Support your local bars!). Make use of the wealth of knowledge that the instructors of this department have to offer (it is the best dept. on campus). Grades are nice but they don't mean squat if you don't have the knowledge to back them up with, concentrate on learning and not the letter on the top of the page. God Bless America!!!!

Russell Freistat
Major/Minor: EVAP/Biology

3317 Timberwolf Ct.
Abington, MD 21009
phone: 410-569-9370

Employer/Graduate School: McCormick, Taylor & Associates
Title: Environmental Specialist
Meadow Mill @ Woodberry
3600 Clipper Mill Road, suite 350
Baltimore, MD 21211

I am currently working as a consultant for such government agencies as SHA and DEPREM. I perform wetland determinations,and design stream reconstructions/mitigations. I handle all environmental aspects of various state and county projects. I also have gotten into a little noise and air quality work.

Words of Wisdom: Every class I took at Frostburg was helpful in work I do everyday. I would also encourage any student to expand on your education by working in related fields and by getting involved in other things away from schoolwork. It was my diverse work background which led to my employment in a great company.

Class of 2002

Matt Fletcher (Geography/ Mapping Sciences)

Employement: U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY

Title: GIS Analyst
Perform spatial analysis on various datasets. On site Administrator for ArcSDE and ArcIMS. Fulfill ad-hoc map requests daily. Development for ArcServer. Work one on one with individual departments/people to obtain and update datasets in our Enterprise GIS. GPS field data collection. Perform 3D visual/Line of Sight Assessments for Environmental Assessment studies.

Matt Harman (Geography/ Mapping Sciences)

Employment: ESRI, Washington, DC

Title: Technical Marketing
My main responsibility is to support the federal-civilian regional sales team. To handle this responsibility, I am required to maintain a working knowledge of all the software ESRI provides (from desktop ArcGIS to ORACLE database maintenance). I use this knowledge to support the sales representatives through answering technical questions, software demonstrations, in-house? workshops, and software-specific training.

Todd Kilduff (Evironmental Analysis & Planning/ Biology)

Employer: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Gaithersburg, Md, 20899

Title: Laboratory Inspector I
I travel (for free) to all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, etc. in order to inspect geotechnical/civil engineering laboratories. each of our 1000+ laboratories that we inspect need an AASHTO (american assoc. of state highway and transportation officials) accreditation; our inspection of the lab may give them that. i have a thorough knowledge of ASTM test methods as well as the functionality of material testing laboratories.

Wisdom:  1. minor in biology (its only one more credit); 2. take gis; eventhough its not required for evap; 3. when looking for jobs: i found that just sending a resume is not enough. an accompanying phone call will get your foot farther in the door. simple; 4. dont sell yourself short. create criteria that you want in a job ($, benefits, etc.) and only go only with those offers.

Other: i found the perfect 'entry-level' job. i love to travel and meet new people. i make good money, good benefits, retirement plan and pension plan. a major bonus: i have created an excellent network for future possible job positions with the labs i have inspected. i have had offers in texas, cali., georgia, tennessee, kentucky, ohio, utah, wyoming, and idaho. all are appealing, but i will stay where i am til about summer of '05.

April Lashley [Brenneman] (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

Employer: Stantec Consulting Services, Inc
1901 Nelson Miller Parkway
Louisville, KY  40223
Title: Project Manager, Civil Engineer
Project Manager in Environmental Management Practice Center. Focus on management and storage of coal combustion byproducts including ash pond and landfill design.

Robert Ryder (Geography/Mapping Sciences)

Employer: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Washington DC
Title: Geospatial Intellegence Analyst

Class of 2003

Lisa Beeman (Earth Science/Geography)

Employer: Frostburg City, 21532

Title: Community Development Specialist
I am in charge of building permits and code enforcement for the City of Frostburg.

Other: Adventure sports

Annie Cahill (Earth Science/Geography)

Employer: County of Frederick, Virginia
107 N. Kent St. Winchester, VA, 22601

Title: GIS Technician
I have several responsibilities, but mostly I assign all E-911 addresses for new structures in the county. One project I completed was moving the entire addressing system from CAD into ArcGIS format. Our department is currently in the process of obtaining color aerial photography at 200 scale. We are also getting updated FEMA floodmapping next year because we are a "priority" county (due to all the development). In addition to assigning new addresses, I make maps and work on custom projects for various agencies. I am also the coordinator for GIS Day, which takes place during Geography Awareness Week in November.

Wisdom: Keep a portfolio of all your work (maps). They could be useful when you interview

Charlie Kershner (Geography: Concentration in the Mapping Sciences)

Employer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Topographic Engineering Center
Alexandria, VA

Title: Physical Scientist
I am a civilian employee at an Army Research and Development lab. I assist in the development of techniques, algorithms, and software to support geographic knowledge of the battlefield for the war-fighter. I am the lead GIS instructor and Technical Lead for the Asymetrical Software Kit, a suite of software packages that allows Special Forces soldiers to analyze tactical intelligence, identify targets, and take them out. Also, I assist in developing ways to suite Tracking Server to manage unmanned static sensor in the battlefield as well as high-resolution imaging systems along with software to automatically process the data quickly.

Michelle Parenteau now Michelle Schaberl (EVAP/Biology)

Employer: Specialized Engineering
9607 Dr. Perry Road
Ijamsville, MD, 21754

Title: Environmental Scientist
I am involved in a wide variety of projects including Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, Geotechnical Subsurface Investigations and Geophysical Surveys, which are used primarily in karst terraine. For the most part, I manage myself on these projects. I usually spend about half of my time out in the field gathering data and half of my time in the office writing the reports.

Wisdom: Never stop learning. Always be open to new things.

Other: Married fellow Frostburg EVAP grad Erik Schaberl September of 2004.

Class of 2004

Nathan Frantz (Geography: Concentration in the Mapping Sciences)

Employer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Topographic Engineering Center
Alexandria, VA

Title: Geographer
I use geodatabases to implement GIS processes for a wide range of applications involving multisource geospatial data in the support of military operations. I use XLM, ArcObjects, and various other languages for application in solving geospatial data problems.

Class of 2005

Matthew Bush (EVAP)


Employer: Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.
Niagara Falls, NY, 14305

Title: Project Engineer/CQC Systems Manager
My position as Project Engineer/CQC Systems Manager varies from project-to-project. The Company, as and Environmental Remediation Contractor, has projects ranging from Groundwater Treatment Facility Design/Build/Operate, to PCB Dredging Operations and Hog and Haul contaminated Soils Excavation. I have been on numerous Hazardous Waste Sites since I graduated FSU, all of which with different day-to-day responsibilities. Currently, I am working at a Superfund Project in North Jersey which should be completed by the end of the year. My next project will be a Design/Build/Operate Groundwater Treatment Facility for the removal of VOC's. It's not the job that I imagined myself at while in college, but if you like to travel, it is definitely a good position and great company to work for.

Wisdom: Take advantage of all the help the FSU Professors have to offer (including the 8am classes). They are a wealth of knowledge. I know I should have much more than I did

John Carey (Geography Concentration in Mapping Sciences)

Employer: CME Engineering LP
27 East Main Street
Frostburg, MD 21532

Title: Geology Technician
My main focus is on coal mining permits both surface and deep mining. The permitting process is very extensive including: background water samples, core drilling, erosion and sediment control, stormwater design, method of operations, road design, reserve studies, overburden calculations, toxic material handling and the list goes on. I also have been involved in site development and subdivisions from start to finish which also lead to performing Nuclear Moisture/Density compaction testing and concrete testing. Nearly all the mapping that I do now is done with AutoCAD Map 3D with Carlson software but I still use ArcGIS 9.2 fairly often.

Michael Jaworski (Environmental Analysis and Planning)

Employer: Century Engineering
Towson, Maryland, 21204

Title: Environmental Planner

Kelsey Jencso (EVAP)

Employer: Montana State University

Title: Ph.D. Watershed Hydrology
I am a Ph.D. student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences in the Watershed Hydrology Laboratory at Montana State University. My research focuses on the spatial and temporal scaling of hydrological and biogeochemical processes within watersheds. I am especially interested in the structural/topographic controls on hydrologic connections that can occur between landscape source areas such as hillslopes and riparian zones, how riparian zones can "buffer" the chemistry of water moving from the uplands to the stream, and the implications of this for stream flow quantity and quality.

Wisdom: Spend as much time on campus interacting with your professors and classmates as possible. Get involved with outside the classroom activities(internships, extra projects, clubs,etc.).

Other: Website:

Britta Ricker (Geography/International Politics)

Graduate School: McGill University

Title: Graduate Student/Research Assistant
I am pursuing a masters of science in Geography at McGill University. I am also a research assistant and teaching assistant. I am researching the Geoweb as a tool for communication.

Wisdom: I worked for two years in Northern Virginia as a Hazard Mapping Analyst before I decided to go to graduate school. I would suggest working before going to graduate school.

Other: check out my research website at

James Sneathen (Geography: Concentration in the Mapping Sciences)

Employer: VARGIS
Frostburg, MD

Title: Photogrammetric Technician
I create planimetric features of Western Maryland and other areas as well as DEMs/DTMs. I also perform triangulation, compilation and ortho-rectification to aerial photographs. I am also the day-shift supervisor.

Ryan Thomas (EVAP)

Employer: CLSI
439 East Main Street
Westminster, MD 21157

Title: Civil Design
I have been working with a civil engineering/consulting firm. The majority of my work has involved water resources management. Primarily, designing and analyzing flood control structures and water quality treatment facilities. I have also been performing detailed floodplain delineations using a steady, uniform and gradually varied flow modeling approach. Other civil/environmental design aspects I have worked on include mass and final lot grading, road design, basic traffic engineering for state highway improvements, and utility design (stormdrain ,water, and sewer). I have been working closely with county, state, and federal review agencies on most projects.

Wisdom: If your are a wildlife major, switch to EVAP.

Class of 2006

Keith Klemm (EVAP/Biology)

Employer: Gannett Fleming
4701 Mount Hope Drive, Suite A
Baltimore, MD 21215

Title: Environmental Scientist
I work in the Hazardous and Industrial Waste Group, which focuses on remediation of contaminated sites within Maryland and the surrounding states. Much of my work involves petroleum release sites, but I've been introduced to a wide range of environmental conditions. Work is typically split between the field (e.g., monitoring, sampling, construction) and the office (e.g., reporting, contracting).

Wisdom: Whenever possible, take extra classes and work toward a minor. Additionally, learn how to use CADD and Excel. Both programs are great tools that will make you valuable in the working world.

Cody Saville (Earth Science w/ environmental science concentration)
Westminster, MD

Employer: CLSI
439 E. Main Street
Westminster, MD 21157

Title: Environmental/GIS Specialist
Address the Maryland Forest Conservation Act for proposed land developments. Perform Forest Stand Deliniations, Prepare Forest Conservation Plans, & design reforestation/afforestation planting sites. -Perform wetland deliniations, Apply for joint federal/state wetland applications -Organize GIS Database, troubleshoot GIS software, Collect Geographic Information, & produce maps, orthos, and work-ups

Wisdom: The real world isn't all that bad...

Robin White (EVAP)
Wilmington, DE

Employer: ENTACT Environmental Services, Media, PA

Title: QA/QC Field Engineer
I handle quality control for large scale remediation projects that include earthwork, water treatment, solidification/stabilization, sediment removal, wetland construction, etc.

Wisdom: Take in as much as possible.

Class of 2007

Ed May (EVAP, Biology, Forestry)

Employer: Lorenzi, Dodds and Gunnill, Inc.
3475 Leonardtown Road, Suite 100
Waldorf, 20602

Title: Environmental Planner
Working with the entire process of development from raw land acquisition to a completed project.

Wisdom: Work as much as possible at multiple different companies, as an intern, and take every advantage you can to build a strong resume.

Jenny Martin (Earth Science)
Maryland Department of the Environment

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Seth Bruin (Geography/Mapping Sciences)

Employer: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Washington DC

Title: Geospatial Intelligence Analyst