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Student:  Briette Cotton

Hometown: Washington, DC

Year: Junior

Major(s) and minor(s): Sociology major, Women’s Studies minor

Favorite component of Sociology: Sexuality and Gender relationships

Hobbies: My hobbies are just having with friends working out, and being sociable.

Favorite quote(s):  “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I  do, then I’m already better than them”- Marilyn Monroe



 What Sociology is to Briette:

I feel that sociology is the study and understanding of society and social norms.

Personal reasons for majoring in Sociology:

 I decided to major in Sociology because I am very interested in helping people.  My high school counselor recognized this passion of mine and suggested I major in Sociology. Because it had also been her major, she noticed how my constant efforts to care for and give advice to my friends and loved ones would complement a major in sociology.

Skills from studying Sociology:

I have become a lot stronger in areas of communication, leadership, and an understanding of people. I am much more open to speaking about issues whether personal or from prior knowledge. I find myself correlating sociology with regular topics when I am  just having a regular conversation. I have become more open minded, I have learned that I am not the only one with problems and want to learn more about people that are unlike me.


Briette’s favorite part about study Sociology:

My favorite part about studying Sociology was definitely the professors of the department whom I strongly believe made the major very enjoyable and the chance to connect my own personal issues with broader topics.

Memorable class:

A class that was memorable for me would have to be Women’s Studies. Dr. Hartman was my professor. The topics and discussions brought up in this class were extremely interesting and led me to minor in Women’s Studies. I remember my emotions nearly taking the best of me in a class session where we discussed female genital mutilation. It was both saddening and fascinating for me.

Advice from Briette for this interested in taking the major:

If anyone was even slightly interested majoring in Sociology I would instantly tell them to do it! If you enjoy learning about people, hearing about things that make you think and ponder about life the Sociology is for you. I highly recommend researching issues of interest and anything that one may feel strongly about, I am sure that it can in some way be tied back to Sociology!