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Students: Evan Greenberg

Hometown: Wheaton MD

Year: Senior

Major(s) and minor(s): Majoring in Sociology with minors in International Studies and Cultural Anthropology

Hobbies: I am a big time gamer, but, I spend a lot of time reading and watching movies.

Favorite component of Sociology: Anthropology

Favorite Quote:  “The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room."


What Sociology is to Evan:

In my opinion, Sociology is the study of group thought. It’s based upon how people form their thoughts and how to tell what groups of people are thinking.

Personal reasons for majoring in Sociology:

I decided to get into Sociology because I like to observe different people and cultures. With a  Sociology major, I can find a way to get paid to do just that!

Skills gained from the study of Sociology:

Sociology has given me the skills to work with anyone, I can easily observe what kind of person they are and just change my behavior to compliment the way they operate. This is what I had expected to learn and it has been very useful.

Evan’s favorite part about studying Sociology:

My favorite thing about studying Sociology is analyzing groups of people and how they function. I love how I can now easily identify with group roles.  

Memorable class:

The most memorable Sociology class I took was the basic 100 level course taught by Dr. Moore. It was just about basic Sociological theories but there were a lot of opinion based discussions which made the class extremely interesting to me and provoked many thoughts.

Advice for those interested in taking the major:

I would tell anyone interested that it is a fantastic major. The classes are interesting and the Professors are very skilled and educated.  I think that majoring in Sociology helps people understand other people much better, and that just makes everyday life easier.