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Department of Theatre and Dance

SPRING Auditions:  March 10th, 2018

Students are required to complete an entrance audition or interview in order to enroll within the Acting and Design and Technology Tracks. There is no audition or interview required to enroll in the Theatrical Studies Track for study.

Students not accepted into the Acting or Design and Technology Tracks are invited to enroll in the Theatrical Studies Track and re-audition for their desired track the following spring.

Auditions and interviews are held annually, every fall and spring, at Frostburg State University. See above for dates; times are by appointment. Guidelines for auditions are as follows:


University Scholarships
Theatre and Dance as well as Presidential and other University scholarships available through financial aid!

Incoming Student Talent Scholarships
Talent based scholarships for incoming Freshman/Transfer Students required an on-site audition. Further information and regulations are below!


Scholarships for Current Theatre Majors
Scholarships for Current Theatre Majors

Theatre students may apply for these in the spring semester of each academic year. Notice of application availability is posted on the Callboard, in the theatre office and e-mailed to Theatre students. The process of applying for these scholarships consists of requesting the application forms, filling them out, obtaining faculty recommendation signatures and turning in the applications by the deadline posted (usually around March 1st) to the Administrative Assistant in the departmental office. Applicants are then reviewed by the Theatre Faculty and ranked in order of preference for each scholarship.

  • Annual Fund Achievement Award

    The recipient is determined by the Chair of theatre program to benefit a student providing quality service and assistance to the Department of Theatre and Dance.
  • Gary D. Cook Professional Development in Theatre Fund
  • Alexandro J. Gutierrez Memorial Scholarship

    Criteria: Preference will be given to students who provide documented evidence of artistic endeavors or service to the department beyond expectations defined in the Theatre Department handbook.
  • Jennifer Leigh Johnson Theatre Scholarship

    Criteria: The recipient(s) must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 and demonstrated financial need.
  • Dr. Jack W. Vrieze Scholarship
  • Thelma Shockley Endowed Scholarship

    Criteria: 3.0 Grade Average, Demonstrated proficiency in the Performing Arts and academic performance.
  • Leonard & Jane Schwab Theatre and Speech Scholarship

    Criteria: Carry a cumulative FSU grade point average of 3.0. Demonstrated interest in theatre as shown by research, membership or active participation is also required. Demonstrated financial need and academic ability. Must be a sophomore or higher.
  • Dorothy Stone White Scholarship in Theatre

    Criteria: Overall FSU grade point average of 2.70, 3.25 grade point average in theater major. Completion of THEA 106 and six additional hours in theatre are required.
Acting/Design and Technology/Incoming Freshman Scholarship Audition Regulations

We advise you not to make your audition appointment until you have been accepted by the university. Students who audition first and are accepted into the Acting or Design and Technology Track must also apply and be admitted to Frostburg State University.

Auditions are on-site and by appointment only. Please call 301-687-4145 or email to set up an appointment.

Actors will be given an opportunity to meet with current students and ask them questions. You will receive a guided tour of the facilities. Next, you will be asked to present your audition or portfolio followed by a brief interview with the faculty and staff. You are then invited to stay and watch a Theatre and Dance production as our guest, and see what our students can do for yourself.

Required Materials

Email or Fax information at least 1 week prior to audition dates.

Theatrical Studies students need to provide this information to be considered for a scholarship.

Acting and Design and Technology students need to provide this information to be accepted into those tracks):

  • Copy of academic transcript (can be unofficial)
  • Current GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation one of which must be from non-theatre teachers.
    Be sure to address your theatre experience and related skill sets, your academic performance, and your drive, work ethic and time management abilities.
Audition Location

Performing Arts Center, Room 224 (PAC Rehearsal Hall)

Signs will guide you to PAC 224 from both 2nd floor entrances (Main Lobby, Elevator and Office Side entrance).

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other programs and who wish to pursue theatre at FSU must be admitted to the university and must audition for the Acting Track or Design and Technology Track if they wish to pursue studies in those areas.

Students who wish to transfer from other institutions after the final audition date for the year or who wish to begin the Acting or Design and Technology Track in mid-year should contact the Theatre Arts Department at 301-687-4145 to determine the best time to audition.

Acting Auditions

What to Wear: For your audition/interview, please wear professional but comfortable clothes, as you would dress to work at an upscale but conservative store.  If it would work behind the jewelry counter at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, it should be fine.  Do not dress as the character from your monologue or wear any sort of costume. Do not wear sloppy jeans, flip-flops, sneakers or sweats. Do not wear what you wear to rehearsals or to work crew on a show. Do not wear three piece suits or a dress that belongs at a cocktail party or formal affair.

Regarding Monologues

Time:  Your monologue should be between 60 and 90 seconds long.  You will be timed and you will be cut off at 90 seconds. We begin timing from the first word of your monologue, not from your introduction. The entire presentation should not exceed four minutes.

Choice of Material: Choose material which you understand, enjoy and which touches something meaningful in you. You may choose any play from the Greeks up to the present day. The best monologues are pieces in which your character is talking to another person who is there in the room with them, and in which your character wants something from that other person which is very important to them in that moment.

Please read the entire play from which your monologue was taken.

We ask that you do not do any of the following:

  • Do not do original (unpublished) work.
  • Do not do audition pieces that require props, costumes and/or dialects.
  • Do not do a stand-up comedy routine or a piece that sounds like one.
  • Avoid material from films; if you choose to do piece from a film, do not do an imitation of the actor in the film.
  • Do not play a small child.
  • Do not play a character with serious mental deficiencies.
  • Do not play a character under the influence of mind-altering substances during the piece.
  • Avoid straying too far from your own age – if you are 17, a character over 30 is most likely too far removed from you.
Regarding Music

We really only need to hear your BEST 16 bars. Choose material that shows of your singing range and that suits your age and experience. Standards from Musical Theatre or Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs are best.

You may bring recorded accompaniment (CD) or sing a cappella. There will NOT be an accompanist provided.

Design and Technology/Theatrical Studies Interview

Design/Technology candidates should bring in a portfolio of their work: elevations, ground plans, renderings, photographs of your process and final product, designs, and if applicable, prompt books. Quality is much more important than quantity. Please be prepared to discuss career goals, design choices and skill and leadership skill sets.

Neatness, labeling and presentation counts a great deal. Please show your process! We don't necessarily need to see a great deal of experience but it should communicate how you solved problems, what your initial ideas were and how they developed, what is your work ethic, what are your greatest interests, etc.... Get the BEST pictures you possibly can, one or two high quality photos can be more impressive than many small photos. Hypothetical and class projects are great (it's up to you.) Show as much communicative paperwork as possible, take the initiative to create a truly impressive portfolio.

Be sure to include evidence of related skills pertinent to theatre such as artistic skills, graphic design experience, costume building experience, musical experience, recording experience, animation experience or photography.

Interviews will last five minutes. You should present your portfolio BUT you must allow time for asking questions either during or after your presentation. You only need to do this for Theatrical Studies if you are applying for a scholarship.

About the Interview

At FSU we are looking for students who are well read, possess a variety of interests and come to us with an array of experiences and talents. We are interested in your knowledge of theatre as an art form, the books, events and people that have influenced your life, your involvement in your community, the things you are curious about, and the things you are passionate about.

We want to get to know you.  Be yourself. We want to know why theatre is important to you and why the arts are important to the world. Tell us what you really think, not what you think we want to hear or what you think will sound impressive. You may be asked to discuss other interests you have, to discuss a recent play or movie you have seen. Remember: This is also the time to ask us questions, discuss any concerns specific to your needs and circumstances and to determine if FSU if the place for you.

General Information
  • Freshman Talent Scholarships range from $1000.00 to $4000.00 and are renewable annually if student maintains an overall GPA of 3.0 or better and remains a Theatre Student. Additional service may be required of the students who are awarded scholarships.
  • Auditions/Interviews are private – only the scholarship candidate will be permitted in the audition/interview space.
  • Audition and talent scholarships will be notified within two weeks of the auditions.
  • All decisions made by the Department of Theatre and Dance are final.
  • Questions about the auditions/interviews can be answered by calling the Theatre and Dance office at 301-687-4145 or emailing