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Ethnographic Field Techniques

Catalog Description

Practical training and experience using ethnographic field methods. Introduction to methods ethnographers use including mapping, unobtrusive observation, participant observation, ethnographic and life history interviewing, design and implementation of surveys and questionnaires, and an introduction to participatory research methodologies. A project component is included in the course. Ethnobotany Capstone.

3 credit hours: Three hrs. lecture. Spring, even-numbered years.
Prerequisites: BIOL 128 (Introduction to Ethnobotany) or permission of the instructor.

Syllabus 2014


Spring 2012

Spring 2010


  • Ex. 1 Student Interview Questions: You will develop a set of questions that you would like to know about fellow students in the course. These questions will be ones that are appropriate to share with others on the world-wide web and that give an idea of the demographic of the students at FSU.
  • Ex. 2 Student Interviews:  Based on our class collaboration with the interview questions, students will pair-up and conduct interviews with each other. These interviews will be included on the Google sites webpage for the class.
  • Ex. 3 Historical Ethnographer Report in Class: You will give a report on a historical figure of significance to ethnography. You must choose the person and receive approval from the instructor prior to beginning the report.
  • Ex. 4 NIH IRB Training Online
  • Ex. 5 Primary Literature Sources for Project: You will begin the research project by creating a list of 5 peer-reviewed primary sources specific to your research question.
  • Ex. 6 Sample selection and survey design: You will determine the design of your survey and what information will be collected. As a class we will all determine baseline data that each individual will be collect.
  • Ex. 7 Coding and analyzing field notes: In this exercise you will code and analyze field notes for practice before writing your own notes.