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Lauren FetzerLauren Fetzer

Where is your hometown?
LaVale, MD

What are career/academic goals?
I'd like to go on to graduate school and learn more about herbal remedies

What got you interested in Ethnobotany?
My mother loved plants, and I've always loved to work with and help others.  Ethnobotany is a perfect combination of my interests.

What cultures are you interested in studying and learning about? Have you learned about these cultures yet?
I'm interested in the Japanese culture, and I have a new found appreciation for the culture of Appalachia.  I have not learned enough about these cultures yet.

Was Ethnobotany your first choice for a major?
Originally, yes.  I switched to pre-med. for a year, and now I'm back to Ethnobotany.

Are you minoring in any other subject?
Minor in Biology, Cultural Anthropology, and a major in Psychology

Do you have any interest outside of Ethnobotany?
I like to cook very much, and I'm interested in psychology. 

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in college?
Follow your heart

Do you consider yourself any of the following: redneck, hillbilly, hippy, city folk, suburb oriented or other.

On a scale of one to ten, how do you relate to other students?

What kind of activities relate  to both your casual life and school?
I like working with plants and people.

Where do you eat and buy groceries?  What are your dietary preferences?
Farmer's market, Martins

Do you work on-campus or off-campus?  What is your job?
I work off campus at Giuseppe's, I'm a server

In the summer have you done any internship? Where?