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Mitra KarimianMitra Karimian

Ethnobotany Major (class of 2011)

Where is your hometown?
Fredrick, MD

What are you expecting to get out of your time at Frostburg?
An education and a degree in Ethnobotany.

What are career/academic goals?
Be a naturopathic doctor and plant alchemy as a hobby.

What got you interested in Ethnobotany?
Personal experiences working with plants.

What cultures are you interested in studying and learning about? Have you learned about these cultures yet?
Cultures who utilize plants for medico/supernatural/spiritual practices and rituals.  I haven't learned very much at this point but I look forward to learning more in the future.

Was Ethnobotany your first choice for a major?
No, originally I was a Biochem major but I decided that Ethnobotany was more productive and holistic.

Are you minoring in any other subject?
Yes, Biology and Cultural Anthropology.

Do you have any interest outside of Ethnobotany?
No.  Its what I live for and what motivates me!!!

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in college?
How to manage my time.

Do you consider yourself any of the following: redneck, hillbilly, hippy, city folk, suburb oriented or other.
A happy hippy! :)

On a scale of one to ten, how do you relate to other students?
7, I find that I get along well with others and most people find me quite interesting and intelligent!  Or so I have been told.

What kind of activities relate  to both your casual life and school?
Herbarium type collections and things of that nature.

Where do you eat and buy groceries?  What are your dietary preferences?
I eat at my house in Edgewood and buy my groceries from Martin's (organic!!).  I consider my self a vegetarian or forced vegan due to digestive issues concerning milk.

Do you work on-campus or off-campus?  What is your job?
I am currently in between jobs.

In the summer have you done any internship? Where?
I worked at a medical research institute on Fort Deitrick.