Fall 2020 Plan and Information
COVID-19 Updates and Information

COVID Testing

Students, faculty and staff were required to be tested at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester and again Sept. 21-23. Students who are taking their courses entirely online and will not come to campus as well as employees who will telework the entire semester are exempt. Surveillance testing is being conducted throughout the semester. Testing data is among the several key COVID-19 indicators the University is monitoring to determine the raising or lowering of our institutional recovery response levels.


Updated Oct. 20, 2020 – data will be updated regularly. Validated results reported in the tables below include universal testing, surveillance testing, Brady Health Center testing of individuals showing symptoms, and verified results from other sources that are uploaded to the University's portal as noted.

Results from Oct. 4–17, 2020

518 28 546
94.87% 5.13% 100.00%

The test results above include 40 self-reported tests uploaded to the University portal, 15 positive results and 25 negative results.

Message from President Nowaczyk: This report of COVID-19 testing results shows that FSU has seen an increase in one of the measures we monitor, our positivity rate. This increase is not totally unexpected.
Last week we reminded our campus community to continue to upload test results to our campus portal. While many external testing entities only provide records of positive tests, not negative ones, any positive test results we can confirm in our university community is valuable information that we are using to evaluate our status.
Our positivity rate, as well as our rate in comparison to our local community, are two of multiple data points we are monitoring. While we continue to test below the county’s positivity rate, the increase in cases in our county and among the FSU community is a trend we are watching closely as we determine if responses or additional measures, such as the current ‘pause’ in athletic activity among some teams, are required.”
My message to campus is an especially important one: Please be more vigilant than ever in wearing masks — and wearing them properly — social distancing in all situations on and off campus, and washing your hands frequently. As we spend more time indoors because of the cooler weather, these actions are very important for your safety and that of the campus community. We will continue to take actions on campus to keep the campus as safe as possible.


Results from Sept. 24–Oct. 3, 2020

544 10 554
98.19% 1.81% 100.00%

The results above do not include the Universal Testing conducted Sept. 21-23 and reported on Sept. 29. Those results are repeated below.

Results from Universal Testing Sept. 21-23, 2020 (Reporting period 9/20-23)

3,282 18 3,300
99.45% 0.55% 100.00%

The total number of tests listed above excludes students or employees since initial testing indicated they were NOT and had no plans to be on campus; opted to work/study remotely following the first round of universal testing and will not be on campus; left the University following the first round of universal testing; tested positive for COVID-19 between July 1 and Sept. 21; are employees of UMCES Appalachian Laboratory or students/employees at USMH;were granted individual exemptions from testing for various reasons (approved leave, student teaching, unable to attend due to work schedule, etc.).

Results from Sept. 6–19, 2020

757 13 770
98.31% 1.69% 100.00%

Results from Aug. 23–Sept. 5, 2020

626 6 632
99.05% 0.95% 100.00%

Results from Aug. 3–22, 2020 – TOTALS FOR UNIVERSAL TESTING

3,801 23 3,824
99.40% 0.60% 100.00%

The data above includes initial results posted on Aug. 20: from Aug. 11-15, 2,673 students and employee were tested or reported the following validated results — 2,661 individuals, or 99.55%, tested negative and 12 individuals, or 0.45%, tested positive.

Important Notes:

INDIVIDUALS WITH POSITIVE RESULTS: All individuals with positive tests are immediately called by a healthcare professional and contract tracing by the Allegany Health Department begins. They are required to isolate away from campus. Those who reported positive results before the semester began were told not to come to campus until cleared to do so by a healthcare professional. Read detailed information about Return to Class and Return to Work guidance.

INDIVIDUALS NOT TESTED: Students in online-only programs, employees who will continue to work remotely and will not visit campus and students who moved to online-only classes for just this semester and will not visit campus will not be tested.

IDENTIFICATION: To protect individuals’ private health information, FSU will not identify anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

FURTHER TESTING: Throughout the semester, the University will conduct surveillance testing (see section below) of non-symptomatic individuals. Officials will closely monitor these results to determine possible further action.

MONITORING: Additionally, all FSU students, faculty and staff participate in daily self-symptom monitoring by visiting https://www.frostburg.edu/checkin. Visitors to campus are required to attest that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms.

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Surveillance Testing

COVID testing swab and container

To guide our decisions for a safer campus, we will be conducting surveillance testing throughout the semester. It is one of the risk indicators we are tracking to guide our decision-making.

Expectations regarding testing and your participation can be found in the USM/FSU directive at  https://www.frostburg.edu/about-frostburg/office-of-the-president/USM-Expectations-on-COVID-19-Testing-Information-for-Students-and-Employees-7-30-20.pdf. Students, faculty and staff are all part of the stratified random sample in order to provide a cross section of our campus community. Participation is required. This is in addition to the separate testing of our student-athletes, as per NCAA guidelines. Your cooperation is anticipated to ensure the safety of the entire community.

If you are selected for this testing, you will receive an email from FSU COVID Testing (info@baseline.mail.campuslabs.com).

You will be contacted if you have a positive result. Negative results will posted in the check-in portal under test results. 

Email COVIDtesting@frostburg.edu with any questions.


Do your part

The safety of our community depends on simple day-to-day actions to reduce transmission. Our safe return to campus relies on everyone doing their part.

red circle white mask icon
Wear a Mask

You can carry the virus even if you feel healthy. Wear a mask to protect others and they'll wear a mask to protect you.

red circle white handwashing icon
Wash Your Hands

When possible, wash hands for at least 20 seconds. If washing isn't possible, used hand-sanitizer.

red circle white doorknob with germs icon
Sanitize Surfaces

Clean and disinfect high-contact surfaces such as door knobs and light switches.

red circle white sick person icon
Monitor Your Symptoms

Know the symptoms and monitor your health. If you feel sick, stay home.