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FSU Tag Line

Altai Argali Sheep

Ovis ammon ammonFile:Argali.jpg




Average size: 4 - 4.5 feet tall

                        250 - 400 lbs

Average lifespan:  10 – 13 years

Range/distribution Map



Habitat description:

Steep mountain slopes at higher elevations.  Females, especially with young, tend to find cover on these slopes.  The males, being larger, faster and better able to defend themselves, roam the open slopes.


 A herd animal, the Argali Sheep move together, grazing on low laying vegetation where predators can be easily spotted.  Young sheep will spend their days playing while learning defense and mating rituals.

Conservation Status: 

Federally listed as vulnerable.  Due to humans hunting the sheep for wool, meat, and in some cultures medicinal value these majestic creatures population has declined. 

Fun Fact

The horns of this sheep are the heaviest of them all; weighing in at 45 - 75 lbs, and this is our most valuable animal mount, valued at over $65,000!