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Arctic Wolf

Canis lupus arctos


Average size: 55 - 88 lbs. / 24 - 32 in

Average lifespan: 7 - 10 years

Range/distribution Map

Habitat description: Arctic Wolves are found in the most parts of North American and Europe, and can be spotted on plains and tundras.

Behavior: Wolves live in small groups known as packs, with a dominant male and female pair. The pack communicates with each other using a variety of sounds, scents, and body language. They will hunt in packs, and eat large hoofed mammals (and the occasional smaller mammal).

Current news/event & conservation status: The current status of Arctic Wolves is "least concern", though they are being threatened by habitat loss and hunted by humans.

Fun Fact

Only the alpha male and alpha female of a pack are allowed to reproduce!