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Simia Hamadryasbaboon



Average Size: 50cm-76cm (20in-30in) and weighs 14kg-45kg (30lbs-100lbs)

Average Lifespan: 15-30 Years.

Range/distribution map


Habitat description: Lives in East Africa in rocky terrain in savannas, forested areas, and African plains.

Behavior, diet: Omnivore. Namely opens fruit, grass, insects, fish, shellfish, hares, birds, monkeys, and small antelopes. Live in a troops of up to 50 baboons mostly females, babies, and 1 male. Lives primarily on the ground and forages at irregular times during the day and night.

Conservation status: Listed as a least concern.

Fun facts:

One of the strongest bite forces of all primates.

They will fight anything that comes into their territory.