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Tragelaphus Eurycerusbongo



Average Size: 1.1m-1.4m (42 in- 55 in) and weighs 204 kg- 400 kg (450 lbs- 880 lbs)

Average Lifespan: 10-18 years

Range/ distribution map


Habitat description: The Bongo lives in the more mountainous areas of central, East, and West Africa. They are also found in the rainforest and thick undergrowth. Dense woodland areas and can be found 4,000 meters above sea level.

Behavior, diet: The Bongo is an herbivore and primarily eats grass, shoots, berries, newly sprouted grass, and shrubs. The bongo is a fairly solitary animal and is rarely seen in herds of more than 20.The bongo is also a nocturnal mammal.

Conservation Status: Because of habitat loss, uncontrolled timber cutting, and hunting the Bongo is a threatened species.

Fun Facts:

Both female and male bongos have horns.

The bongo is the largest of all antelopes.