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Collared Peccary (Javelina) javelina

Pecari tajacu



Average Size: weighs 35-60 lbs

Average Lifespan: 7.5 years

Range/ Distribution Map

Habitat description: central and southern areas of Arizona and into south America, in dessert like areas near small areas of vegetation.

Behavior/Diet: Omnivore. Roots, grass, seeds, fruit, prickly pear cacti are their main food. Sociable in herds of 20 to protect themselves. Most active at night. Scent glands mark each other with the scent.

Conservation Status: not threatened. Widely distributed, a variety of habitats and population is stable.

Fun Fact:

They defend themselves with their long tusks, which can sharpen themselves whenever their mouths open or close. A collared peccary will also release a strong musk if it is alarmed.