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Dik dik

Modoqua kirki


Average size: 12-16 inches tall.  7-16 pounds.

Average lifespan:  Up to 17 years.

Habitat description: Dry lands with a lot of underbrush.  Typically in mountainous areas, and avoid tall grasses.

Behavior:  They typically eat berries, shrubs, and fruits.  They do not need to drink water because they get their water from the plants they eat.  They live alone or in a pair, and once they have a mate, they will stay together in the same territory all of their lives.

The dik dik’s main predators are hyenas, caracals, monitor lizards, lions, and wild dogs.  Their populations are not in danger, but there are laws out to prevent poaching.

Dik dik developed great eyesight and can run 20 miles per hour in order to escape from predators.  Whenever they reach a matured age (around 7 months), their mothers and fathers will run them out of the territory.