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FSU Tag Line

Grizzly Bear

Ursus arctos horribilisgrizzly


Average size:

            Males: 400-800 lbs

                        3-3.5 feet at shoulders

            Females: 300-450 lbs

Average lifespan: 20-25 years

Range/distribution Map


Habitat description:

Grizzly bears are found in a variety of habitats, from dense forests to plains to subalpine tundras.  Today, the grizzly bear spends most of its time in the thick forest.


Normally solitary eating anything the big bears can find.  From grass, fruits, insects and other mammals large and small, these large animals will make a meal.

Conservation Status:

Currently Federally Listed as Threatened

Fun Fact:

These large predators can run very fast.  A bear was once recorded at 40 mph!  These creatures are also very good swimmers and tree climbers.  However, adults tend to not climb many trees.