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Kodiak Brown Bear

Ursus arctos middendorffi                  File:Kodiak Bear with salmon, USFWS DI-DSC00044.jpg

Average size:

            Males: 800-1400 lbs

                        5 ft. at shoulders

            Females:  500-700 lbs

Average lifespan: 25-30 years



Range/distribution Map

File:Ursus arctos middendorffi habitat.png

Habitat description:

The Kodiak Brown Bear lives in a variety of habitats in the colder regions of North America.  Named for the Alaskan Islands it was discovered on, the bear makes a home in dense forests.


The Kodiak bear is omnivorous.  This means they eat both plants and animals.  Salmon making their way upstream comprises most of their diet.  When salmon are not present, the bear rely on vegetation and other small mammals.

Current news/event & conservation status

Being a large carnivore, many humans feel the need to hunt the Kodiak brown bear.  These hunting expeditions are a large income for the state; however, the bear population may be declining. 

Conservation Status:  Least Concerned


Fun Fact:

At feeding holes, competition for food occurs.  Instead of wasting energy in fighting, the Kodiak brown bear has developed a sort of language through both verbally and through body posture; through which a social structure is formed.