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Lord Derby’s Giant Eland

Taurotragus derbianus


Average size: 970 - 2,000 lbs; Body Length: 7.2-9.5 ft

Body Height:  5 – 5.8 feet

Average lifespan:  25 years


Habitat description: They typically reside in broad-leaf savannas and wide open spaces.

Behavior: Typically not aggressive, even during their mating season.  They eat grasses, leaves, and branches.  They are very alert creatures and are difficult to observe in the wild.

Current News:  They are considered a low risk, even though their numbers have been declining.

Despite their size, they can reach speeds of up to 42 miles per hour and can jump up to 5 feet.  Both males and females get horns and, for males, they can reach lengths of up to 4 ft in length.