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Mule Deer

Odocoileus hermionus

Average size: 125-175 lbs for a regular sized deer.  Up to 400 lbs.  40” - 42” tall.

Average lifespan:  9-11 years

Range/distribution Map

Habitat description: Woody vegetation areas

Behavior:  They eat shrubs, apples, acorns, and various berries.  Males rut and become more aggressive whenever it is mating season.  Wolves and mountain lions typically hunt them, but bobcats, black bears, and grizzly bears are sometimes predators as well.

Their populations are not in danger, but as humans hunt, hit them with cars, and take away their habitats, their population has declined slightly.

Mule deer do not have teeth on the top of their mouth.  The overall cycle of antler growth is regulated by the length in time of a day.