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Pronghorn (Pronhorn Antelope)

Antilocapra americanapronghorn



Average Size: 1-1.5m (3.25-5ft) and weighs 41-68kg (90-150lbs)

Average Lifespan:  11 years

Range/ Distribution Map


Habitat description: Primarily in open plains between the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to Mexico.

Behavior/Diet: Herbivore. They namely eat grass, sagebrush, and other vegetation. It does not take long after they are born before they can outrun a human. Pronghorns are sociable as long as another male does not enter the herd, or band.

Conservation Status: Non-threatened because they remain relatively common within its range.

Fun Fact:

Second fastest land mammal in the world, it can reason speeds of over 53 mph.