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Stone Sheep

Ovis dalli stonei


Average size: 250 pounds and stand 36 inches tall

Average lifespan: up until the middle teens

Range/distribution Map: southern Yukon Territory and northern British Columbia


Habitat description: Ovis dalli stonei are diurnal animals; most of their activity occurs early and late in the day. It is rare that a sheep will feed at night. The sheep usually go to their daytime beds and rest and chew their cuds.

Behavior, especially diet: Ovis dalli stonei are clingy and will typically band together in groups segregated by sex.  Ovis dalli stonei like to eat most mountain grasses and sedges, willows, sage, various bushes, and chew cuds. There seems to be no competition with other ungulates in their ranges for food or space.

Current news/event & conservation status: Most of their range remains remote and pristine and populations have remained relatively unaffected by humans. Populations are threatened by trophy harvest, hunting in parks and reserves, and, to some extent, subsistence hunting by native peoples. Ovis dalli stonei have been down listed from the Blue List to the Yellow List, due to improvement in population numbers.


Fun Fact

Stone sheep lambs inherit their parent's home range and return to those home ranges every year. 




The Bowhunter's Handbook

 By M. R. James

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