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Major: Business Admin., Marketing

Minor: Graphic Design

Year: Junior

Hometown: Tampa, Florida/Annapolis, Maryland

High School: Middleton High School (Florida)/Annapolis High School (Maryland)

Why FSU?
I chose Frostburg because when I first walked onto campus it felt like home. Frostburg's campus was completely different from other universities I had toured, mainly because everyone stays on campus unlike schools where everyone leaves after class. The scenery here in Western Maryland is absolutely breathtaking and is something I did not find at other schools. Frostburg is THE place to be when the leaves change colors in the fall. Also, FSU is the perfect distance from my home. I can learn to be independent, but I also have the ability to drive home when I need to. The other main reason I chose Frostburg is that the professors are truly amazing! They know you on personal level and you will never be a number to them. They're always there when you need help with an assignment or do not understand a lesson. And finally, the friendships I have made here will last a lifetime, a gift that Frostburg has given me!

How I stay involved:
I am involved with a variety of clubs offered at Frostburg along with athletics. I am a member of the Marketing Club, I am a Bobcat Ambassador, I am apart of Alpha Sigma Alpha, a nationally recognized sorority, and I am a NCAA Division III Track and Field athlete.

Life after the Burg:
I plan to graduate from Frostburg in the spring of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design. Depending on what job offers I receive, I hope to work in the marketing/advertising department of the Major League Baseball or National Football League. I have always had a passion for sports and for advertising and this is my dream job! Then, hopefully within 5-10 years I would be promoted to CEO of that department and have my Masters in Advertising and Graphic Design.