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FSU to Focus on Its Climate Action Commitment at Focus Frostburg

FSU to Focus on Its Climate Action Commitment at Focus Frostburg

Frostburg State University will be fully focused on its climate action commitment during the upcoming Focus Frostburg event, an annual day of learning on sustainability and climate awareness, on Wednesday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event, free and open to the public, will feature green activities for everyone, including presentations in the Lane University Center.

New this year is the project “Grim Landscape: The Apocalypse Will Be a Peep Show,” consisting of campus trees and saplings wrapped in designs by Graphic Design 207 students, each with a viewing hole that invites the viewer to regard the tree as a rare, noble and exotic creature. Viewers will see logo designs of “spirit creatures” representing endangered, vulnerable or threatened species. (Note: If weather does not permit, the display will be rescheduled.)

Learn all about FSU’s climate action commitment from a wide range of presentations from faculty and students at the Lane Center, including those on the topics of the market economy, sustainability, fracking, environmental activism, culture and art, water purification, community agriculture, biofuels, environmental justice issues and an environmentally sustainable future.

Fracking-related presentation include “Are Fracking Jobs Good Jobs?” (11 a.m.), which will examine working conditions in various “fracking” enterprises in the United States, looking at how this industry affects regional economic development and occupational health, workers’ purchasing power and the labor movement; “Marcellus Shale Listening Project – To Frack or Not to Frack” (1 p.m.), which will feature the work of a two-semester documentation project in partnership with the Savage River Watershed Association; and “Fracking and Health” (2 p.m.), which investigates the health and environmental impacts of fracking and how investment in fracking prevent investing in a sustainable future.

In “Wilderne$$: The Market Revolution’s Impact on Nature in the United States” (10 a.m.), presenters will discuss the development of the market economy in early America and how the commodification of nature affected the environment as well as changed conceptions of wilderness. They will also look at the early roots of environmental degradation in the U.S.

“Religion and Environmental Activism” (11 a.m.) will feature the documentary project “Renewal,” the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today’s religious-environmental activists.

“Conservation, Sustainability, Culture and Art: An Interdisciplinary Science Center on Campus” (11 a.m.) will show how the Frostburg Science Discovery Center is planning an interdisciplinary collaboration to transform its space into a valuable student learning environment. Come find out about the plans in progress and join the forum to discuss potential opportunities, barriers, suggestions and questions.

“The Water School, Service Learning With the President’s Leadership Circle” (1 p.m.) will highlight the President’s Leadership Circle trip to Uganda in March, the fourth such journey. Students engaged in the service project trip worked with the water school to purify water in some of the local villages. The presentation will feature a compiled video of this project.

“Frostburg Grows: Community Agriculture in Practice” (1 p.m.) will look at the operations and goals of Frostburg Grows. Come learn how Frostburg Grows seeks to tie Western Maryland together through local food initiatives.

“Biofuel Blast: Exploring the Science of and Debate Around Biofuels” (2 p.m.) will cover the uses of biofuels around the world and the points of controversy about their use. This presentation will feature demonstrations with time for questions and discussion. In “Hands-On Workshop – Biofuel Blast: Exploring the Science of, and Debate Around, Biofuels” (3 p.m.), participants will engage in a fun hands-on activity to learn how yeast is used to make biofuels from the sugars in corn.

“A Vision Within – A Documentary” (4 p.m.) created by Michael O. Snyder and FSU, tells the story of a group of students who travel deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to meet an ancient culture living in much the same way as they have for thousands of years. The film is an exploration of the critical role that inner visions can play in peoples’ lives, in education and in awakening a socially just, environmentally sustainable future. “Indigenous Voices for Environmental Justice” (2 p.m.) will present the framework of environmental justice and explore how indigenous peoples all over the world are using social media to fight against cultural and environmental exploitation and abuse.

Sustainability-related presentations will include “A Paperless University: Advantages and Drawbacks” (10 a.m.), which will explore alternative steps to save paper; “Student Sustainability Projects and the Sustainability Student Fee” (noon), which will address how to plan for and fund exciting new student sustainability projects with this new stream of funding; “Student-Designed Sustainability Projects” (3 p.m.), in which students will present results of their class projects, including a native tree-planting and restoration project, alternatives to de-icing salt, and food scraps and composting; “Nifty Shades of Green – Increasing Frostburg’s Sustainability/Resilience” (3 p.m.), which will showcase five current city programs and projects; and “Forever Green” (4 p.m.), an introduction to green burials. In addition, “Focus Frostburg 2015: ‘Learn-In’ for a Sustainable Future, Projects From SUST 455 Seminar in Sustainability Studies” (3 and 4 p.m.) will offer a variety of presentations.

There will be a special planetarium presentation this year at 7 p.m. in the Multimedia Learning Center, room 186 of the Center for Communications and Information Technology. “Dynamic Earth” explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. With visualizations based on satellite-monitoring data and advanced supercomputer simulations, this cutting-edge production follows a trail of energy that flows from the sun into the interlocking systems that shape Earth’s climate: the atmosphere, oceans and the biosphere.

The annual Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Poster Contest will be held completely online this year. To view and vote for student-created environmental posters, or for other information about Focus Frostburg, visit People can vote on Facebook from April 17 to 23 by visiting FSU’s LGLG Facebook page (

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