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What is the FSU Staff Mentoring Program

The FSU Staff Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for seasoned employees to share their knowledge and experience with new and existing staff. New staff gains from the coaching, guidance, and encouragement mentors provide. Experienced staff gains a fresh perspective and develops new relationships. The University builds a stronger, more cohesive community.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the FSU Mentoring Program is to develop relationships and facilitate interaction among staff, resulting in a stronger, more collaborative environment. Specifically, the goal is to provide new and existing staff with a valuable resource, a mentor, who offers support and encouragement, and is a point of reference for many additional resources that this campus offers.

The mentor/mentee matching program is available to all exempt and nonexempt employees regardless of classification or division. Those interested in being a mentor or being mentored can register online and are notified as potential matches become available. Specific objectives:

  • Accelerate the time required for new staff to acclimate to the University;
  • Increase the level of productivity for new employees;
  • Allow experienced staff to gain new perspectives, develop new relationships and grow professionally;
  • Enhance the likelihood of retaining new staff;
  • Improve the quality of services provided to the campus community


Mentor - Experienced staff who share their knowledge and experience with others.

Mentee - New or experienced staff who may gain from the guidance, coaching, and encouragement a mentor can provide.


Individuals interested in serving as mentors or being mentored must complete the Mentor Application form.

Human Resources will review the applications and match individuals accordingly. Upon notification from HR, mentors must make initial contact with their mentees within five (5) working days to schedule the first meeting. Suggested mentor/mentee activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Lunch with mentor, mentee and other colleagues;
    " Mentee attends an employee training course with mentor;
  • Mentee attends a safety meeting with mentor;
  • Mentee observes the development of a special project;
  • Mentor reviews mentee's resume and offers suggestions for improvement

The mentoring relationship should focus on the goals of the mentee. The mentee must communicate to the mentor what they hope to learn and what goals they wish to achieve during the course of the mentor-mentee relationship.

The prescribed timeframe for a mentor/mentee relationship is one fiscal year. At the conclusion of this year, the mentor and mentee should meet to assess the relationship and decide if they want to continue as mentor/mentee.


Both the mentor and mentee need to be open and forthcoming about their mentorship. Not every match will be a success. If either individual determines the relationship is not working, they must communicate this fact with the other. Explain why the relationship is not working, thank the individual for their time and willingness to participate and then end the mentor-mentee relationship. Contact Human Resources for assistance finding a better match.

Administration of the Policy

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is designated as administrator of the policy and corresponding procedures and all questions should be referred to that office.