Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month program was established to recognize any staff or faculty member who shows exemplary performance, inspires the achievement of others, demonstrates a positive attitude, displays a commitment to quality, and carries out additional job responsibilities for the good of the campus community.  Nomination forms are due to tmstrother@frostburg.edu by the 20th of each month.



Latisha Cooper

October 2019 - Latisha Cooper
PASS (Programs Advancing Student Success)


Brian Day

September 2019 - Brian Day
Physical Plant


Debbie Bolyard

August 2019 - Debbie Bolyard
University Store


Kevin Robison

July 2019 - Kevin Robison
Enterprise Applications



Cindy Troutman

June 2019 - Cindy Troutman
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Melvin Boore

May 2019 - Melvin Boore
Physical Plant


John Brewer

April 2019 - John Brewer
Physical Plant


Karen Kerns

March 2019 - Karen Kerns
Technology Services


Dr. Brent Weber

February 2019 - Dr. Brent Weber


Gail Lutton

January 2019 - Gail Lutton
Registrar’s Office




Kathleen Gillece-Cosner

December 2018 - Kathleen Gillece-Cosner


Daniel Moorehead

November 2018 - Dr. Daniel Moorehead


Emily Zumbrun

October 2018 - Emily Zumbrun


Robert DeVore

September 2018 - Robert DeVore
Physical Plant


Lee Ann Nightingale

June 2018 - Lee Ann Nightingale
Human Resources


Bebe Elrick

May 2018 - Bebe Elrick


April Baer

April 2018 - April Baer
Office of Gender Equity


Phyllis Casey

March 2018 - John Miller
University Store


Karla Schoenly

February 2018 - Karla Schoenly


Shannon Gribble

 January 2018 - Shannon Gribble
University Advancement


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