COVID-19 Updates and Information


Small Form image From this page, FSU employees can access many Human Resources forms in formats such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Adobe Acrobat files. Be sure to open these forms from the web each time you need them to ensure you have the most current version of the form.

In addition, instructions for using and, when necessary, for submitting the completed forms are provided. Any questions on using the forms should be directed to the Office of Human Resources at extension 4105.



To Use Microsoft Excel and Word Forms on This Page

  1. Double-click the link to open the downloaded form in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.
  2. Fill out the shaded areas of the form.
  3. Save the form under a name of your choice if you want to keep an electronic copy.
  4. Print the completed form.
  5. Obtain the necessary signatures.
  6. Attach any supporting documentation.
  7. Send it to the Office of Human Resources for processing.