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Department Liaisons

The primary objective of the Lewis J. Ort Library Liaison program is to foster communication between the library and academic departments in order to support the scholarly resource needs of university programs and curriculum.

Library Liaison

A library liaison is a member of the library faculty who serves as the primary contact person for the faculty of an academic department on issues related to library collections and services.

General responsibilities of library liaisons include:

  • Serving as a primary communication link to assigned academic departments regarding library collections and services,
  • Performing as subject specialist for the library in assigned fields,
  • Providing reports to support the requirements of periodic academic program and accreditation reviews,
  • Working collaboratively with faculty to address concerns or issues identified by assigned academic departments.

Academic Department Representatives

A department representative is a member of the faculty who represents their academic department as the primary contact person on issues related to library collections and services.

General responsibilities of department representatives include:

  • Collaborating with departmental faculty to select materials for the Ort Library that reflect the curricular needs of their department as well as the discipline as a whole.
  • Ensuring that book and audiovisual funds allocated to their department are expended each fiscal year by the purchasing deadline established and announced by the library.
  • Communicating with their department’s library liaison to obtain required information for periodic academic program and accreditation reviews.

See the  Library Liaison Fact Sheet (PDF) for more information about this program.

Academic Department Representatives and Corresponding Library Liaisons

This table shows the Academic Department Representative and Library Liaison for each academic department or program.

Department Department Representative Library Liaison
Accounting Ms. Kiersten Bradley Liza Zakharova
Biology Dr. Frank Hughes Lisa Hartman
Chemistry Mr. Blair Knouse Amanda VerMeulen
Communications Ms. Annie Danzi Dr. Sean Henry
Computer Science Dr. David Zheng Dr. Theresa Mastrodonato
Economics Dr. David Kiriazis Liza Zakharova
Education Professions Dr. Emily Milleson Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
Engineering & Physics

Dr. Jamil Abdo

Dr. Zhen Liu

Lisa Hartman
English & Foreign Languages

Dr. Kevin Knott
(Fall 2019)

Dr. Molly Hartzog 
(Spring 2020)

Liza Zakharova
Geography Dr. Matthew Ramspott Lisa Hartman
History Dr. Haiyun Ma Amanda Bena
Kinesiology & Recreation

Dr. Robert Lewis

Randy Lowe

Management Dr. Evan Offstein Amanda VerMeulen
Marketing & Finance Dr. Zifeng Feng Dr. Sean Henry

Dr. Mark Hughes

Dr. Gerry Wojnar

Dr. Theresa Mastrodonato
Music Dr. Jay Dewire Dr. Sean Henry
Nursing Dr. Stefanie Hay Dr. Theresa Mastrodonato
Philosophy Dr. Jean-Marie Makang Dr. Sean Henry
Physician Assistant Medicine Kenneth Pardoe Amanda VerMeuelen
Political Science Dr. David Lewis Randy Lowe
Psychology Dr. D. Alan Bensley 
Randy Lowe
Social Work Dr. Steven Hartsock Virginia Williams
Sociology Dr. Daniel Moorehead Virginia Williams
Theatre & Dance Ms. Mairzy Yost-Rushton Virginia Williams
Visual Arts

Dr. Travis English

Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
African American Studies

Dr. James Saku

Amanda VerMeulen
International Studies

Dr. Suzanne McCoskey

Amanda Bena
Leadership Studies

Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski

Dr. Lea Messman-Mandicott
Women's Studies

Dr. Jennifer Earles

Amanda Bena