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Changes to Undergraduate Course Grading

How are grades changing this semester?
If undergraduate students choose to, they may select a Pass for Credit (PC) / No Credit (NC) grade for any class that was converted from in-person to online. (This option is also available for classes that were being offered in a blended/hybrid format. This option is not available for classes that were already fully online. Information for graduate/doctoral students will be forthcoming.)

Is that the same as Pass/Fail?
No. An NC grade will not impact your GPA, unlike the F in a Pass/Fail. This option also does not count toward the four course P/F limit.

I think I’m getting an A. Do I HAVE to switch?
No. If you want to keep the regular letter grades, you may. Or you may opt to keep letter grades in some classes and receive PC/NC in others.

Can I change my mind once I switch?
No. This decision cannot be reversed.

I’m taking this class for my major/GEP requirement. Can I still choose PC/NC?
Yes. If you receive a PC grade for a course, that course will count for your major or GEP requirements.

How will a PC or NC grade affect my GPA?
Courses with a PC or NC grade will not be calculated into your cumulative or major GPA.

Will my professor know I’m taking PC/NC?
No, unless the student chooses to tell the professor, your professor will assign a letter grade and the Registrar will change it to PC/NC.

I’m a graduate/doctoral student. Does this apply to me?
No. Guidance for this group is forthcoming.

When do I have to make a decision?
Friday, April 17, is the deadline. That is also the revised deadline to withdraw from a class with a “W.”

How do I do this?
No later than April 17, email from your FSU email account, include your student ID and the course(s) (name, number, and section, e.g. MATH 109 001).

What if I have financial aid, scholarships or veterans’ benefits?
Students who are receiving financial aid or scholarships should also contact the Financial Aid Office ( to determine any impact a “PC,” “NC,” or “W” grade may have on their financial aid. Those using veterans’ benefits should check with Veterans Services at

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