From the President’s Desk: Frostburg State’s Blueprint for the Coming Years

Sep 26, 2018 3:30 PM


I shared an overview of the 2018-2023 strategic plan with the campus at our opening State of the University Address, and I would like to introduce this information to our alumni and friends as well.

The strategic plan is an ambitious blueprint to guide our actions over the next several years. The plan took more than a year to develop. It included a review of the actions from our last plan that ended in 2016. It also included input and opinions about our future direction from more than 1,000 individuals, including many of our alumni. Our mission remains the same – to be a student-centered teaching and learning institution with an emphasis on applied learning experiences and to address the needs of the region and state.

Having confirmed our mission, the planning task force of more than 50 individuals developed a six-sentence vision statement that outlines what we aspire to be by 2023, the 125th anniversary of the founding of FSU as State Normal School No. 2.

We took that vision statement very seriously and identified four goals. The first two focus on the student and our primary mission:

I.    Focus learning on both the acquisition and application of knowledge.
II.   Provide engaging experiences that challenge our students to excel.

The third goal, simply stated, is directed to the other part of our mission to the region and state:

III.  Expand regional outreach and engagement.

The task force realized that to accomplish our first three goals we would need to examine how we do business, which is the fourth goal:

IV.   Align University resources – human, fiscal and physical – with strategic priorities.

Goals must be translated into actions and outcomes; therefore, the task force, working with vision and the goals, identified 12 action items. You can see the action items and how they align with the vision here.

The first six items are student-focused, with an emphasis on knowledge and relevant skill acquisition and developing a well-educated, confident, engaged and respectful citizen who has learning experiences beyond the classroom. These are ambitious actions but ones I believe we are positioned to accomplish, and I hope our alumni see possible roles for themselves here, especially in guiding and sharing advice with our students on career paths, assisting with internships and helping them develop into the well-rounded citizen we hope to see in our graduates. The University is committed to strengthening that role for alumni.

The second-to-last sentence of the vision statement is directed outward to the region and state. It has several important components. The first is to translate the educational accomplishments of our students into careers in the region and state. The second and third components describe the University’s role as a catalyst for development, an increasingly important role for regional state universities and one recognized by Maryland’s governor and state legislature in their funding of our new Office of Regional Development and Engagement.

The final five actions are internal and are intended to tell our story better from a marketing and recruiting perspective, to align our resources (financial, human and physical) to help us achieve the earlier action items, and to help develop our most important internal resource, our people, to achieve their goals and those of our students.

You will hear more about this plan and our progress toward that 2023 vision over the next several years and I hope each of you can be part of the plan. Your commitment and participation will be crucial to our students’ successes.