MEC and Frostburg Hit 'Pause' on Fall Sports

Aug 31, 2020 9:00 AM

By Noah Becker M’06

The Mountain East Conference announced in mid-August it would postpone fall sports until the spring semester, following an announcement from the NCAA Board of Governors regarding additional requirements and the cancellation of 2020 NCAA Division II Fall Championships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An NCAA publication titled “The Resocialization of Collegiate Sport” has been released and provides guidance specific to the prevention of community spread of COVID-19 in the athletics setting, making it more difficult for MEC sports to take place this fall.

All 22 of Frostburg’s varsity sports are going forward with their Out of Season Segment, which include limited hours of strength and conditioning and individual skill instruction per NCAA guidelines. In early- to mid-September all fall and spring sports will move into their non-championship segments throughout the remainder of the fall semester, while winter sports will follow the modified MEC schedule and begin competition in November, although these plans are all subject to change as well.

The NCAA continues to make updates regarding its rules on eligibility that are very accommodating to student-athletes.