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The FSU Logo

FSU logoThis is the official Frostburg State University logo and our main identifier. It is important that the logo be used on all promotional material, advertising, stationery, signage, etc. The goal is to provide universal identification of the Frostburg State University brand and strengthen the recognition of our name and image. Campus entities, offices, departments, and academic units are not permitted to develop their own logos or variations of the official logo.

The Frostburg State University logo depicts a compass bound by dual swashes set inside a square. This design echoes the atrium of the Compton Science Center over the Foucault pendulum’s compass rose.

Symbolically, the logo’s compass reiterates FSU’s commitment to helping students find a sense of direction in their lives that is authentic, life-changing and full of purpose, imparting the grounding sense of “true north” to steer them on their life’s journey, taking them beyond artificial boundaries set by themselves or society. Frostburg State University gives its students the tools to explore possibilities while guided by a sense of moral constancy that keeps them on the right path and equips them to take on meaningful civic leadership roles.

The compass’ various directions also reflect FSU’s goal of providing a well-rounded educational experience that embraces not just academic programs but also experiential learning and the global community we share and the importance of understanding different cultures.

The swashes, abstract representations of Compton’s atrium, additionally reflect the University’s forward and upward momentum, evidenced by, for example, increasing enrollment and new programs that address the changing world and workforce needs. Reminiscent of ripples in a pond, the swashes also symbolize the never-ending effect of life-long learning that begins at the source: Frostburg State University.

All materials, print or electronic, published by Frostburg State University should feature the logo as described in these guidelines. Adhering to these guidelines for consistent use of the logo in all applications is an important part of this identity program.



In most instances, the tagline should be included with the logo. Contact the Office of Publications for more information. The logo with the tagline is available in the FSU Logos for Download section.


FSU Logo with tagline



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