Order Form:                              

Please send me __________ CDs of "Headed for Home" @ $16 each

Please send me __________ CDs of "My Favourite Things" @ $16 each

Shipping charges are as follows:

 1 CD--------------------$3.00
 2 CDs-------------------$4.00
 3 CDs or more-----------$3.00 base charge + $1.00 per CD

(Note:  I do not believe in the rip-off  known  as  "handling  charges"!  
The above charges reflect my actual shipping/packaging costs.)

Name and Address:  (Please print legibly)


_______________________________              Amount for CDs:  __________

_______________________________         Amount for shipping:  __________

_______________________________       Total Amount Enclosed:  __________

Please make checks or money  orders  payable  to  Greg  Latta.   Do  not 
send cash.  Mail  your order to:

                               Greg Latta                               
                             134 Frost Ave.                             
                           Frostburg, MD 21532