Books by Alumni

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Planted & Producing
Jameka Anderson ’14 Planted and Producing cover

Planted & Producing takes the reader on a growth transformation journey through the challenges of being given a seemingly less-than-fulfilling assignment. This book is designed to help the reader grow past operating in their own free will and into the abundance of cultivating God's will for their life. Anderson demonstrates that the challenge isn't in the task but in the perspective of the place one has been planted. Planted & Producing encourages individuals to get past unproductive mindsets due to their current environments and carry out the work they have to do to make an impact on the world. Available on

My Heart Transplant for Your Amusement
Vince Clews ’66 My Heart Transplant for Your Amusement cover

Why in the world would anyone write a humorous book about his own heart transplant? Recipient and author Clews answers the question: "My mind tends to see humor in what others think 'isn't so damn funny.'" The fact is that there was not much funny about his nearly five-year battle with heart disease, congestive heart failure, six-month hospitalization, heart transplant and recovery. My Heart Transplant for Your Amusement provides the reader with an inside look at the people, the procedures and the progression of emotions Clews experienced as he moved from standing on death's "welcoming mat" to finding that "Home is where the (new) heart is." Available on

Jennifer Fyfe Hickman ’06 The Pan cover

Since her parents were killed, Vivienne has always felt ungrounded, shuffled through the foster care system. Just when liberation finally seems possible – days before her 18th birthday – Vivienne is hospitalized with symptoms no one can explain. Deacon, her mysterious new friend, claims she has an active Nevergene and is about to become an involuntary test subject for Humanitarian Organization for Order and Knowledge – or H.O.O.K. Vivienne can escape to Neverland's Kensington Academy and learn to fly or risk becoming a human lab rat. But accepting a place among The PAN means she must abandon her life and hide in Neverland's shadows ... forever. This is her first book in a PAN trilogy. Available on, B&N and everywhere books are sold.

Hickman's fellow alum, Megan Burner ’06, co-wrote a song for the book with Irish musician Ger O'Donnell, called "Never Land." Available via iTunes and everywhere music is sold.

Sermon on the Mount of Messy
Nicole Goodfellow Horsch '98 Sermon on the Mount of Messy cover

Nicole is one of the messiest people you can meet, and she owns it. A political science major in college, she doesn't actually like politics, or the insurance that she sold for a while. But she likes Jesus – a lot. She writes blogs about Him, does ministry for Him and runs a home-based business, making sure He gets the glory and surprising people with gifts and offerings. Nicole is a mom to three daughters who are well-protected by a discerning dad who also gets the blessing of being married to Nicole. Part messy recollection, part discipleship tool, readers can be ready to laugh, be challenged and probably shed a few tears hearing what it truly looks like to work out your mess, and your salvation, by grace alone. Available on

Snoopy Snippets
Bonnie Schupp ’67 Snoopy Snippets cover

For 365 days, Schupp practiced snooping. She eavesdropped on conversations around her and recorded a snippet each day – in grocery stores, restaurants and places in between. Some are ordinary while others are puzzling. She wondered about these dangling conversations – these words out of context. What if she encouraged others to creatively give the words context? What might the narratives be? She leaves that up to the reader to look at the quote for each day and use the space below it for notes or to create something new, discover where curiosity will lead and give free rein to imagination. Available on

Too Useful to Sacrifice: Reconsidering George B. McClellan's Generalship in the Maryland Campaign From South Mountain to Antietam
Steven Stotelmyer ’75 Too Useful to Sacrifice: Reconsidering George B. McClellan's Generalship cover

Although typecast as the slow and overly cautious general who allowed Robert E. Lee's battered army to escape, Stotelmyer argues that General George McClellan deserves significant credit for defeating and turning back the South's most able general. Using extensive primary documents and with a keen appreciation for the infrastructure of the 19th-century Maryland terrain, Stotelmyer deeply explores these long-held beliefs, revealing that often the influence of political considerations dictated military decision-making, and the deliberate actions of the Lincoln Administration behind McClellan's back resulted in bringing about many of the general's supposed shortcomings. Stotelmyer's conclusion: Lincoln did not need to continue searching for a capable commander; he already had one. Available on