Safe Transportation
Car and Key


301.687.RIDE (7433)
Accepts calls from 10:00 pm - 2:00 am

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By calling (301) 687-RIDE (7433), FSU students can be picked up at their door and dropped off in city limits (between Grant St. and Water St.) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 10PM - 2AM. We will pick up at any location (homes, bars, restaurants, etc), however we do not drop off at bars or house parties.

The majority of students use the SafeRide program responsibly, requesting transportation to libraries, friend's houses, Lane Center programs, and similar events. Once a rider exits a SafeRide van, they become responsible for the outcomes of their own actions.

This program was founded by a single, interested student who wanted to help create a safer campus environment by providing free transportation to students on weekend nights. In 2007, FSU's Student Government Association adopted the SafeRide initiative, and continues to support the program both financially and organizationally. The program has been managed, staffed and run entirely by students since it's founding. We take pride in the level of training our staff receive.

If you are interested in joining or volunteering with the SafeRide crew, pick up an application in the SGA Office (Lane 223).