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Course Descriptions

RECR 201 Introduction to Recreation and Parks

3 cr. Appreciation of recreational activities in our culture. History and philosophy of the recreation and park movement and the value of leisure in society today.

RECR 100 Leisure and the Diverse American Culture

3 cr. Examines diversity within American culture through the study of leisure and related influences on physical and mental wellness throughout the lifespan.

RECR 221 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

3 cr. An overview of services, agencies and programs designed to meet the developmental and recuperative recreational and leisure needs of individuals with disabilities.

RECR 321 Therapeutic Recreation Practices and Procedures

3 cr. An overview of the history, philosophy, therapeutic recreation processes, theories and concepts related to leisure, play and service delivery options for specific disabilities and diagnoses in a therapeutic recreation setting.

RECR 342 Park and Facility Design

3 cr. Study of park and recreation areas including acquisition, design and operating policies.

RECR 380 Recreation Leadership

3 cr. Leadership techniques involved in recreation and park settings including leadership in small and large groups.

RECR 382 Program Planning

3 cr. Planning principles used in the development of recreation programs and leisure experiences.

RECR 384 Special Event Management

3 cr. Basic elements of special event management including: human resource management and organization structure, the arts and entertainment industry, event planning, event marketing, box office and ticket management, contract negotiation, financial management for special events, liability issues and program evaluation. Field trips required

RECR 388 Research Methods in Recreation and Parks

3 cr. Methods of inquiry in the empirical study of recreation and parks. Nature of scientific inquiry, research designs, survey research, program evaluation, unobtrusive research and elementary quantitative analysis.

RECR 390 Outdoor Adventures

3 cr. Wilderness and survival activities. Hiking, backpacking, survival swimming, orienteering, fitness activities, outdoor first aid and emergency skill, physical and emotional challenges, preserving the outdoors. Self-inventory of physical history required

RECR 393 History and Philosophy of Outdoor Recreation

3 cr. Philosophical basis of the historical, ethical, moral, social and aesthetic issues surrounding outdoor recreation.

RECR 394 Environmental Interpretation

3 cr. Explores principles and practices of environmental interpretation of outdoor recreation resources. Course content is designed to facilitate understanding of philosophical foundations of interpretation and applied methods for leading nature hikes and children’s programs and developing interpretive trails. Program promotion, the development of displays and brochures and other relevant topics.

RECR 421 Client Assessment and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation

3 cr. Individual intervention treatment plans, including the assessment, intervention techniques and protocols for treatment plans, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment plan for community and clinical settings.

RECR 422 Administration and Supervision ofTherapeutic Recreation

3 cr. A comprehensive overview of all aspects of administration and the therapeutic recreation profession to include therapeutic recreation program design, safety, risk management, human resources, training, family interaction, use of community resources, agency accreditation, professional certification and organizational involvement.

RECR 423 Advanced Facilitation Methods for Clinical and Community Setting in Therapeutic Recreation

3 cr.  An overview of concepts and interaction techniques used in the provision of goal-oriented therapeutic recreation services. Included are counseling techniques, leadership and cultural competency instructional techniques appropriate for use in treatment, leisure education and recreation participation.

RECR 440 Organization and Administration of Recreation and Parks 

3 cr. Management and administration of recreation and parks agencies, including concepts and principles of management, supervisory leadership, human resource management and operations and maintenance.

RECR 443 Issues and Risk Management in Recreation and Parks 

3 cr. Current issues and risk management, including legal liability in the recreation and parks field.

RECR 448 Principles of Ecotourism

3 cr. Explores the foundational principles, organization and management of ecotourism. Various nature-based tourism and ecotourism settings will be analyzed to compare operations, facilities, personnel and programming. Discussion of the management of ecotourism focuses on business planning, site development, operator responsibilities and best practices.

RECR 480 Field Experience in Recreation and Parks

1-6 cr. Practical experience in recreation and parks management. Site of study may vary. Repeatable for maximum of 6 credits if placement sites are different. Every semester.

RECR 490 Special Topics in Recreation and Parks

1-6 cr. Unique or distinctive study such as clinics, workshops or course work dealing with a current topic related to recreation and parks management. Arranged as needed. Repeatable for maximum of 6 credits if topics are substantially different.

RECR 491 Practicum and Professional Seminar

3 cr. Provides students with professional experiences in several different settings and prepares students for their internship experience. Provides employment search skills, interview techniques and presentation skills necessary for a successful employment search.

RECR 492 Internship Project

3 cr. Academic component of internship. Register concurrently with RECR 495.

RECR 495 Internship in Recreation

9-12 cr. Guided work experience directly related to student’s academic program.

RECR 497 Out-of-Class Requirements

0 cr. Students are required to attend one state, regional or national conference during their junior or senior year, to have a current certification in CPR and first aid and to complete a professional portfolio and review of the portfolio. Consult the Guide for Completion of Out-of-Class Requirements in Recreation. Graded NR/P.

RECR 499 Individual Study in Recreation and Parks

1-6 cr. Individual research performed under the supervision of a faculty member. Every semester. Repeatable for maximum of 6 credits if topics are substantially different

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Source: 2015-2017 Undergraduate Catalog for Frostburg State University