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University Undergraduate Catalog

Reflection on the shore.
       Reflection on the shore.



The Curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry into the recreation and parks field. Conceptually, all students are required to take the core or discipline courses (39 credits).

Next, you are required to develop an area of specialization within the overall field. You may complete one of four concentrations:

Alternately (instead of a concentration) you may complete a minor (e.g. Psychology, Business, Leadership, etc.), a double major, or a degree from a community college (requirements).

In addition to the major, the Department offers a minor in Recreation and Parks Managment. The minor consists of 21 credits. It is a flexible minor which requires the student to take the Leadership and Program Planning courses plus 15 credit or RECR courses excluding field experience related courses. Consult the catalog for the specific requirement of the minor in Recreation and Parks Management.

Note: The curriculum information provided on
this page is unofficial. Remember that the
document of record is the University Catalog.


A. Discipline Core: (39 hours)  
  RECR 201 Introduction to R&P
RECR 221 Introduction to TR
RECR 342 Park and Facility Design
RECR 380 Recreation Leadership
RECR 382 Program Planning
RECR 388 Research Methods in R&P
RECR 440 Organization and Admin
RECR 443 Issues and Legal Liability
RECR 492 Internship Project
RECR 495 Internship (9 cr)
RECR 497 Out-of-Class Require (0 cr)
COSC 100 Intro to Computers (3 cr)
or COSC 220 Intro to Software App
or EDUC 454 Microcomputer App in Educ
or approved computer application course
 B. Completion of one of the following:  
  1) a concentration
2) a minor
3) a double major
4) an associates degree
5) a bachelor's degree

Community Program Delivery Concentration (27 credits)

A. HPE/RECR (9 credits):
    RECR 100 Leisure & Diverse Culture
    RECR 480 Field Experience in R&P (3 cr)
    Select one of the following:
    RECR 330 Outdoor Education
    RECR 384 Special Event Management
    RECR 421 Program Design & Eval TR
    HEED 101 Community Health Prom
    AVS 138 Bkcntry & Outdoor LS (GC)
    AVS 260 Adv Level First Aid (GC)

B. Psychology (6 hours)
    PSYC 150 General Psych (GEP)
    PSYC 210 Child Development
    or PSYC 212 Adolescence & Adult

C. Sociology (6 hours)
    SOCI 100 Intro to Sociology (GEP)
    And one of the following:
    SOCI 200 Social Problems
    SOCI 203 Sociology of Deviant Beh
    SOCI 322 Social Demography
    SOCI 325 Community Analysis
    SOCI 326 Sociology of Rural Life
    SOCI 328 Sociology of Urban Life
    SOCI 366 Social Inequity

D. Communications Studies (6 hours)
    Select one of the following:
    CMST 102 Intro of Human Comm
    CMST 122 Intro to Public Speaking
    CMST 132 Intro to Interpersonal Comm
    Select one of the following:
    CMST 215 Small Group Communication
    CMST 300 Interpersonal Communication
    CMST 322 Presentation Communication

See the Community Program Delivery Concentration web page for more about this program

Adventure Sports Concentration (25-26 credits)

A. Two Introductory Courses
(2 credits) (Garrett College)

B. Three Developmental Courses
(3 credits) (Garrett College)

C. One Instructor/Guide Level Course
(1 cr) (Garrett College)

D. One Rescue Level Course
1 credits) (Garrett College)

E. All of the following: (9 credits)
    AVS 101 Backcountry Living Skills (GC)
    AVS 260 Advanced Level First Aid (GC)
    RECR 330 Outdoor Education (GC)

F. Select three of the following: (9-10 credits)
    ACCT 100 Financial Accounting
    BIO    110 Natural History (GC)
    BUAD 303 Principles of Finance
    BUAD 351 Management of Organ
    HUM 210 Society& Envir (GEP) (GC)
    PSYC 150 General Psychology (GEP)
    PSYC 210 Child Development
    PSYC 212 Adolescence & Adulthood
    PSYC 385 Group Process
    PSYC 386 Drugs and Behavior
    PSYC 410 Intro to Counseling
    PSYC 417 Psych of Abnormal Beh
    RECR 421 Program Design & Eval TR

See the Adventure Sports Concentration web page for more about this program

Hospitality Mgmt and Tourism Concentration (27 hours)
  (ACOM: Allegany College of Maryland)

A. Recreation Courses: (3 hour)
    RECR 384 Special Events Management

B. Tourism Courses: (3 hour)
    GEOG 454 Geography of Tourism
    or GEOG 455 Tourism Planning
    or 30-120 Prin of Travel/Tourism (ACOM)

C. Hotel and Resort Courses: (18 hours)
    30-119 Food Service Sanitation (ACOM)
    30-160 Quality Food Production (ACOM)
    30-203 Food Purchasing (ACOM)
    30-204 Menu Plan & Food Merch (ACOM)
    30-209 Hotel/Motel Front Office Mgmt (ACOM)
    30-215 Hotel/Motel Property Mgmt (ACOM)
    30-216 Food & Bev Cost Control (ACOM)

D. Business Courses: (3 credits)
    ACCT 100 Financial Accounting
    or ACCT 201 Introductory Accounting I
    or 61-109 Practical Accounting (ACOM)

See the Hospitality Management & Tourism Concentration web page for more about this program


Therapeutic Recreation Concentration

A. Complete a 480 hour consecutive internship under an NCTRC certified supervisor.

B. Recreation Courses:
(9 hours)
     RECR 321 Theories and Concepts of TR
     RECR 421 Program Design & Eval TR
     RECR 422 Principles and Practices in TR

C. Anatomy and Physiology: (4 hours)
     BIOL 211 Essentials of Anatomy & Phy
     or BIOL 201 Anatomy & Physiology I
     or BIOL 201 Human Anat & Physio I (CCBC)

D. Abnormal Psychology: (3 hours)
     PSYC 210 Child Psychology
     or PSYC 201 Abnormal Psychology (CCBC)

E. Human Growth & Devel Life Span: (3-6 hours)
     PSYC 210 Child Psychology
     and PSYC 212 Adolescence and Adulthood
     or PSYC 103 Prin of Human Growth (CCBC)

F. Human Services, Biological & Physical Sciences:
     (Frostburg: 13 hours; CCBC 16 hours)
     Select 4-5 courses:

     BIOL 149 General Biology I (GEP)
     PSYC 150/151 General Psychology (GEP)
     BIOL 202 Anatomy and Physiology II
     PSYC 213 Psychology of Adjustment
     PSYC 250 Death and Dying
     PSYC 404 Psych of Exceptional Children
     PSYC 409 Child and Adolescent Disorders
     PSYC 410 Introduction to Counseling
     SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology(GEP)
     SOCI 200 Social Problems
     SOCI 203 Sociology of Deviant Behavior
     OCI 340 Criminology
     OCI 442 Juvenile Delinquency
     SOCI 468 Sociology of Later Life
     PHEC 303 Biomechanics for Exercise Science
     BIOL 101 General Biology (CCBC course)
     BIOL 102 Human Anatomy & Phy (CCBC)
     PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology (CCBC)
     SOCI 101 Intro to Sociology (CCBC course)

See the Therapeutic Recreation Concentration web page for more about this program



FSU Undergraduate Contact: Dr. Robert B. Kauffman
  (301) 687-4474