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So you’re thinking about going to Frostburg and want to make sure there are other smart students at FSU who want to make the most of their college years and share your passion for knowledge and learning.

Set your sights on FSU’s Students’ High Achievement Resource Program (SHARP). It’s a community where sharp minds think alike and your desire to excel is always up front and center!

Check out the resources on this page and discover how far your ambition can take you at Frostburg. SHARP gives you the right resources and connections to all the great experiences FSU provides that will help you blaze your path as an academic superstar.

Unlike many larger schools, at FSU sharp students like you can:

  • Find a faculty mentor who can provide interesting research projects and opportunities to attend conferences
  • Take an active role in campus leadership, civic engagement and academic planning
  • Enjoy access to labs and equipment that larger institutions normally reserve for graduate students
  • Have a starring role in a theater production, or write a play and have it produced
  • See the world through special study abroad opportunities

SHARP can also put you in touch with FSU’s honors students and faculty so you can learn first-hand how easy it is to belong here, and what opportunities might be the best ones for you. And this is just the beginning of all you can enjoy through SHARP! Contact us and learn more about how “sharp minds think alike” here.


Feature Tiny Tubes

FSU Professor Kasif Teker and his student, Joseph Oxenham, spent the summer of 2009 working with the tiniest of tubes in FSU’s Nanotechnology Lab, and the result is a new synthesis technique for making silicon carbide nanowires. These microscopic structures have dozens of uses in technology and industry, and may even shed some light, since they glow bluish-green.

Read about this achievement in FSU’s student newspaper, The Bottom Line.


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