Apr 6: COVID Testing Update

Apr 6, 2021 1:03 PM

Reminder: Eligible students and employees test TWICE A WEEK, EVERY WEEK

We must all do our part: Mask up, stay distanced, disinfect and stay away from large or un-masked gatherings of any kind. 

Through the twice-weekly testing protocol, the university identified clusters of cases among students in common social circles during the past weekly testing period. Individuals that have tested positive have elected to go home or were moved into the off-campus housing contracted for isolation and quarantine purposes. As with all positive tests, contract tracing is ongoing. Disinfection and sanitization protocol for any residence hall areas has occurred with continued follow-up treatments of high-touch areas.  

While our positivity rate remains below 1%, there has been an increase in positive cases in the region and the state. Every member of the university community must remain vigilant in obeying our public health measures and guidance over these final weeks of the semester. Students can reach out to the Brady Health Center by calling 301-687-4310 if they have symptoms or health concerns. 

Testing Dashboard Update

Aggregate testing data will be sent to campus and posted every Tuesday during the semester. Testing data is among the several key COVID-19 indicators the University is monitoring to determine the raising or lowering of our institutional recovery response levels.

TESTING DASHBOARD For Mar. 29 - Apr 4, 2021

Updated April 6, 2021; newest testing period listed at top of table

Testing Period Number of FSU-Administered Tests – Negative Number of FSU-Administered Tests – Positive Positivity Rate
Mar. 29-Apr. 4, 2021 3,154 20 0.63%
Mar. 22-28, 2021 3,223 19 0.59%
Mar. 15-21, 2021 3,008 4 0.13%
Mar. 8-14, 2021 3,245 2 0.06%
Mar. 1-7, 2021 3,292 1 0.03%
Feb. 22-28, 2021 3,189 2 0.06%
Feb. 15-21, 2021 2,791 0 0.00%
Feb. 8-14, 2021 3,123 1 0.03%
Feb. 1-7, 2021 2,367 6 0.25%
Jan. 25-31, 2021 1,718 9 0.52%
Jan. 17-24, 2021 1,964 7 0.36%


Test results during the semester include campus-wide testing of in-person students and employees, athletics testing and symptomatic tests conducted by Brady Health.   

Visit www.frostburg.edu/spring2021 and check your FSU email for updates and important information.


All members of the campus community are now eligible to pre-register at http://covidvax.maryland.gov for the vaccine. Visit our vaccination web page for more details.  


Reported through Check-In Portal, updated April 6, 2021

Partially Vaccinated Fully Vaccinated
Total # of Students/Employees 337 412

IMPORTANT: If you receive a vaccine, please be sure to enter that information at www.frostburg.edu/checkin. Look for "My Vaccinations" in the menu at the top right. You can enter first and second doses. This information is being added to the several key COVID-19 indicators the University is monitoring to determine the raising or lowering of our institutional recovery response levels.  


REVISED Testing Protocol (effective Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021)

To guide our decisions for a safer campus, Frostburg State University is implementing an intensive COVID-19 testing strategy for the spring semester. All students, faculty and staff who are regularly on campus will be tested twice each week, every week, using the BinaxNOW rapid antigen test. If your antigen test returns a positive result, you will be informed quickly and must follow up with Brady Health (for students) or your healthcare provider (for faculty and staff). Results will also be uploaded to your COVID-19 Check-in Portal approximately 20 minutes after your test.

A portion of our campus community is exempt from the campus testing protocol. You may be exempt if:

  • you are an employee who is mostly teleworking/teaching fully online;
  • all of your classes are fully online AND you are living off campus;
  • you are a student-athlete (and being tested through Athletics);
  • you previously tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days and have uploaded the result to the COVID Check-In Portal;
  • you've submitted a complete COVID-19 vaccination record via the COVID Check-In Portal;
  • for a reason not listed above, you've submitted an exemption request via the COVID Check-In Portal, and it has been approved.

You can check your current exemption status by visiting the COVID Check-in Portal.

COVID Test Center Hours and Guidance

The following guidance is offered:

  • No appointment will be necessary, but eligible students and employees should plan to be tested once on Monday/Tuesday and again on Thursday/Friday. You can choose which days, and you do not have to use the same days each week. 
  • The test center will not test on Wednesdays.
  • The test times are between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. To avoid crowds, do not show up before 9 a.m., at the top of each hour, or right before the 3 p.m. closing.   
  • If you are only on campus once a week (excluding Wednesdays), you may test on that day only.
  • Testing in the Lane Center is for NON-SYMPTOMATIC individuals. If you are experiencing symptoms, contact Brady Health or your health care provider. 
  • The testing population list will be reviewed by the Registrar (for students) or the Office of Human Resources (for faculty and staff) to ensure all constituents required to be tested are fulfilling their testing obligation per the social compact.

To promote efficient and effective follow-up, please designate a reliable cell phone number when you arrive for testing and visit the COVID-19 Check-In Portal as part of your daily routine. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we implement this very comprehensive screening protocol in an effort to keep our campus safe. Email COVIDtesting@frostburg.edu with any questions.