Frostburg State University Strategic Planning

Welcome to the Frostburg State Strategic Planning webpage. The links below provide information about the strategic planning process underway this year at Frostburg State. We will be placing all of our documents on this website (with the exception of any comments that address particular individuals). I ask that you honor my request to share this information only within the university community as we develop our plan.

I am pleased that Drs. Karen Keller, Steve Simpson, and Tom Bowling are serving on co-chairs. The task force consists of 55 university members who are committed to helping us engage in an inclusive process that seeks input from many constituencies who care about the future of Frostburg State University. Emails can be sent to the co-chairs at I encourage you to visit this site regularly as we develop the plan. The next milestone date is January 25, 2017 when the task force will convene to discuss the findings of its discussions with constituents.


Ron Nowaczyk


2012- Branding Study (Proprietary – not to be distributed)

MILESTONE 1:  Task Force Training Session (Oct. 17 & 18)

 Findings from Community 

MILESTONE 2:  Task Force Sense Making Session (Jan. 25)

MILESTONE 3:  Task Force Vision Conference (Mar. 31)

Five Shared Visions Found

Draft Concept Papers (Mar. 28)

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Regional Outreach and Engagement
  3. Facilities and Resources
  4. Institutional Promotion
  5. Organizational Culture
  6. Student Experience

Planning Assumptions April 14 2017

Update on the Vision Conference May 19th

MILESTONE 4:  Task Force Goals Conference (April 28)

Update on the Goals Conference May 19th

Strategic Plan 2017-2023 draft

Final Strategic Goal Statements