Fraternity and Sorority Life Presidents' Academy builds leadership skills

By James Byers | Mass Communication '20
Social Marketing Team journalist

Students attending Fraternity and Sorority Life Retreat

Members of Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) recently attended their annual President’s Academy. The Program was organized in an effort to help train the newly elected presidents and help them become more self-aware of their leadership style. The program is designed as a threefold process; discover self, discover the chapter workings, and meet fellow Presidents. The chapter workings section training ranges from delegation to budgeting, and they not only enhance the brotherhood and sisterhood each chapter shares but also how members of these organizations go into the world and lead once they leave Frostburg State University. 

Michael Hollingsworth, and member of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity, explained that the retreat helped his leadership skills. “I am more confident in my ability to run this chapter. I have built coalitions with other organizations,” said Hollingsworth. 

Another member of FSL, Vondasia Forbes of Zeta Phi Beta, told us that the most important part of training was, “Budgeting and nuts and bolts, because these were the areas I was least confident about becoming president.” 

When it comes down to it, one of the most beneficial parts of fraternity and sorority life is its ability to shape each individual's values. On a small scale, this may not seem like much, but on an organizational scale, it can change lives.  

“FSL has shown me that you don’t have to go through life alone and shouldn’t be scared to ask for or seek help,” shared Gwendolyn Jackson of Sigma Alpha Iota 

“It has given me a place where I can share with other people that share the same values to help accomplish our goals,” said Keegan Wolf of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity  

Overall, FSL has impacted students in overwhelmingly positive ways. From building leaders to creating long lasting bonds, the alliances formed through FSL are being constructed to last a lifetime and create meaningful impact to wherever these students go.